Decorative Acrylic Sheets


Searching for a decorative acrylic sheet? WeeTect provides a broad variety of decorative acrylic sheets ideal for various applications. We carry the most stunning and innovative decorative acrylic sheet that can meet your requirements.

Whether you`re an interior designer, decorator, supplier, or distributor you must consider WeeTect as your decorative acrylic sheet manufacturer and supplier in China.

WeeTect decorative acrylic sheet (WDAS) is manufactured using premium quality acrylic material and plays a vital role in interior design and architectural work. In fact, it features all the possessions of traditional acrylic sheets. It has the surface of a tinted glass sheet, but it carries different advantages that make it far more superior in terms of usage and function.

Today, WeeTect decorative acrylic sheet (WDAS) are instrumental for various purposes. Our product has several potentials that make them a perfect alternative to customize. WeeTect decorative acrylic sheet can be cut to size, polished, bent, drilled according to your specifications. Our professionals can handle all the manufacturing processes.

Ideally, a decorative acrylic sheet is suitable to use for interior designs for your home in kitchens and bathrooms as well as commercial applications. You can utilize it to bring appealing, decorative, and innovative spaces. It can add a modern touch to an outdated space.

Using WeeTect decorative acrylic sheets, you can design your protective coverings for dining table tops and kitchen tables uniquely and beautifully. This is also ideal for creating attractive handicrafts.

Of course, WeeTect decorative acrylic sheets are environmental-friendly and weather-proof. Although it is lightweight it is a versatile building material. It has a strong impact-resistant compared to glass. When it comes to maintenance, it is sleek, clean, and easy to maintain material. Owing to the distinctive properties of our decorative acrylic sheet, this can be used in the long run.

With more than 20 years in the manufacturing industry, WeeTect offers all kinds of acrylic sheets. We fabricate products according to international standards like ISO9001, Rohs, Reach, UL, and more.

By trusting us, you can guarantee high-quality, proven, tested and dependable products that can skyrocket your business. We can produce products on-time with no delay.

Depending upon your applications, you can access and customize different types of models here in WeeTect that provide various functions. These include matte decorative acrylic sheets, frosted decorative acrylic sheets, fluorescent decorative acrylic sheets, embossed decorative acrylic sheets, and more.

Change and upgrade your interior spaces with our WeeTect decorative acrylic sheet! Please feel free to contact us today. We have a professional and skilled team ready to help your business 24/7.

WeeTect decorative acrylic sheet (WDAS) benefits:

  • Contraction and expansion
  • Safety attributes
  • Weather and impact resistance
  • Low Maintenance
  • Extreme durability and flexibility
  • Lightweight
  • Stronger than glass
  • Easy to fabricate
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