Embossed Polycarbonate Sheet


  Weetect is a well-experienced fabricator of embossed polycarbonate sheets in China. We are also professional in producing Weetect polycarbonate embossed roll sheet, polycarbonate sheet, anti-scratch polycarbonate sheet, UV polycarbonate sheet, polycarbonate roofing sheet, and so on.

  You can avail of embossed polycarbonate sheets in custom designs, sizes, colors, and forms. We can design also depending on your specifications. We can also cut the embossed polycarbonate sheet to your required measurement. All you need to do is send us your ideal designs directly and let our team manufacture your ideal embossed polycarbonate sheet.

  We can manufacture embossed polycarbonate sheets in different colors including blue embossed polycarbonate sheet, green embossed polycarbonate sheet, grey embossed polycarbonate sheet, and many more. There are related products that you can also avail of; transparent polycarbonate sheet, galvanized polycarbonate sheet, and film-coated polycarbonate sheet is included.

  And talking about its applications, Weetect embossed polycarbonate sheet is useful in many industries. You can use them in both industrial and domestic applications. These are also ideal for walkway covers, skylight enclosures and constructing patios, and many others. Plus applicable as well to create custom products such as riot shields and helmets.

  These also owned unique features, it is praised since it has a strong resistance to weathering, handy, performs better light transmission, low flammability, and easier to install and clean.

  These outstanding features make the Weetect embossed polycarbonate sheet perfect for drilling, thermoforming, bending, and cutting. These properties also can be easily customized to reach your product specifications.

  So choose your ideal embossed polycarbonate sheet products in Weetect. We are the best marketplace, prioritizing each customer`s satisfaction by giving high-quality products. We are capable to supply a wide range of selections of embossed polycarbonate sheets for your choice.  Also, free samples are specially provided for you to check the quality.

  Apart from the Weetect embossed polycarbonate sheet, you can also avail of our frosted polycarbonate sheet, bulletproof polycarbonate sheets, opal polycarbonate sheet, etc.

  Send us your inquiries today.

Weetect Embossed Polycarbonate Sheet Advantages:

  • Easier to Mold
  • More Lightweight
  • More Durable
  • Highly Flame Resistant
  • Highly Shatterproof
  • 200times Impact Resistant


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