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Having a hard time searching for the best engraved acrylic sign? We got you covered. WeeTect is a professional Engraved Acrylic Sign supplier and manufacturer in China. Avail of our high-quality Engraved Acrylic Sign at a very economical price yet not compromise the quality.

WeeTect Engraved Acrylic Sign (WEAS) is a kind of emblem, logo, or symbol manufactured by inscribing or etching a very durable plastic sheet known as plexiglass. When it comes to selecting signs with a somewhat sophisticated and professional look, WeeTect Engraved Acrylic Sign (WEAS) is a perfect choice.

Basically, the essence of WeeTect Engraved Acrylic Sign (WEAS) is to provide uniqueness and identity as a way of providing details of the service or logo you want to display.

This sign often has a high gloss finish and often used in a broad range of applications. You can use them in residential, commercial, as well as industrial establishments like in tradeshow exhibits, office buildings, retail outlets, showrooms, restaurants, menu boards, etc. You can choose to hang an engraved acrylic sign for indoor signage or for outdoor installation.

Ideally, our WeeTect Engraved Acrylic Sign (WEAS) is highly customizable. Acrylic, as a material used is flexible, which makes it uncomplicated to customize to suit your particular requirements.

Whether you decide what shape, size, layered multiple dimensions, or add colorful graphics, we can do that for you. Just send your specifications now and let WeeTect handle the process.

Many customers choose our product due to its resistance to various elements, both environmental and physical properties. It can endure disadvantageous conditions but, at the same time, conserve its functionality, efficiency, and quality.

We have comprehensive capabilities and techniques to engrave your acrylic sign including laser engraving, rotary engraving, hand engraving, as well as CNC engraving.

Additionally, WeeTect also offers a surface treatment option for your WeeTect Engraved Acrylic Sign (WEAS) including anti-glare coating, anti-static coating, anti-scratch coating, anti- UV coating, and anti-fog coating.

Through the help of our highly skilled technicians and engineers, we guarantee the desirable quality result of the products.

WeeTect provides a wide selection of high-quality engraved acrylic sign. For over 20 years of dependable services, we are specialized in giving second-to-none productions for both OEM and ODM clients around the world.

To experience complete satisfaction, let WeeTect be your business partner! Contact us today to know more details about our WeeTect Engraved Acrylic Sign (WEAS).

Some Advantages of our WeeTect Engraved Acrylic Sign (WEAS):

  • Eco-friendly
  • Extremely durable
  • Shatterproof
  • Highly customizable
  • Sophisticated design
  • cost-effective
  • lightweight
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