Extruded Acrylic Sheets


  Weetect provides a complete solution with regards to your extruded acrylic sheet needs. This sheet solution has its finest transparency and extra strength, perfect for security, glazing, and wide lighting applications. So if you`re a local distributor, wholesaler, or retailer and you need a business partner, Weetect is the best one. We are sure to handle your large orders.

   Our extruded acrylic sheets are usually used in producing diffusers, lenses, and luminaires. These are also implemented and being useful in profiling forms. It can be cut to different sizes to suit your applications.

  Extruded acrylic sheets owned ideal features and definite properties. Especially comes from a standard polymer material and excellently strengthened. And due to its high transparency level, it now has the finest optic properties and high inversion resistance.

  With all of these standard properties and product features, the Weetect extruded acrylic sheet is now popular worldwide. Its shatterproof complexions add to its popularity in the market. Plus these are built wonderfully, the most preferred material to replace glass sheets in varying applications.

   Whether for commercial and all industrial applications, our extruded acrylic sheets are applicable. It functions in varied sheeting ways. In any large variety of sheeting needs, these will work well and surpass your expectations.

  On the other hand, these are available in impact-resistance designs, breakage-proof, and collision-protected. And if you are requiring a specific extruded acrylic sheet to complete your projects, a lot of options are available in the factory. You can avail of our extruded acrylic sheets in different texture, formations, sizes, colors, and patterns. We can even follow your design and do the rest processes. It`s our duty to satisfy you in every way we can.

  We make sure to produce extruded acrylic sheets that are flexible and more economical. It has unique, clear, and glossy looks. And is strongly protected from any damaging Ultraviolet rays. WeeTect has all the major capabilities of acrylic fabrication. Let WeeTect extrude your acrylic sheet requirements.

  Weetect promises to manufacture your desired product based on your demands. One of our goals is to exceed every customer`s expectations.

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  Weetect Extruded Acrylic Sheets Advantages:

  • Thermoformable and Malleable
  • 10 times More Impact Resistance
  • Incredible Durability
  • Superior Weather Resistance
  • Higher UV protection
  • Fog-free and Bullet-proof
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Extruded Acrylic Sheet Manufacturing Process

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