Extruded Acrylic Tube


  Add Weetect Extruded Acrylic Tube to your beautifying purposes and pop exhibitions! This product contributes a lot to the industrial industry and DIY projects. In Weetect, we offer the clearest, high transparency extruded acrylic tube for competitive prices. Our version of the extruded acrylic tube is definitely not cheap in quality. Weetect can totally guarantee you.

  This material solution is normally deal out in paper sleeves to remain protected while handling the rod. Weetect Extruded acrylic tube is the most reasonable that is also available in an assorted range of sizes and colors.

  And talking about its features, our extruded acrylic tubes possess further quality-proven properties. It can be purchase in different colors like white, bronze, red, black, green, or even in colorless finish. Weetect extruded acrylic tube performs with rigidity, completely reliable, and has the ability to withstand any terrible weather conditions.

  In addition, our unique extruded acrylic tubes are strongly UV-resistant.  It surely protected from any dangerous UV rays, makes it lasts and endured longer.

  On the other hand, this extruded acrylic tube undeniably works as low water submersions. A very portable, lightweight type of tubes, a perfect solution for your tubing applications. Plus these are ideal replacement solutions for clear glass in the local market.

  Weetect Extruded acrylic tubes are UL 98 HB listed which means it is manufactured according to international standards. These also passed upon FDA and are BPA free as additional quality assurance.

  Here in Weetect, you can choose your ideal extruded acrylic tubes from our wide-ranging selections. All are furnished for ease of selectivity and to easily value our customers.  

 Not only extruded acrylic tubes but we also produce any acrylic-made products such as a frosted acrylic tube, acrylic mirror tiles, acrylic fish tank, etc.

  Weetect is your trusted manufacturer based in China, so if you want to ask for some piece of advice, don`t hesitate to contact us! We want all the best for you.

WeeTect Extruded Acrylic Tube Benefits:

  • Extreme Scratch Resistant
  • Easier to Install
  • Easier to Fabricate
  • Relatively Affordable
  • Higher Impact Resistance
  • Excellent Resistant to Chemicals
  • Higher Tolerance of Extreme Temperatures
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Manufacturing Process

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