Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet


WeeTect Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet (WEPS) is a famous thermoplastic component utilized across the different sections, be it residential, commercial, or industrial application.

Of course, the extruded polycarbonate sheet from WeeTect stands out compared to others owing to its ideal properties, quality, and functionality.

WeeTect Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet (WEPS) is a type of an extremely durable thermoplastic polymer with excellent resilience features and high optical properties manufactured from polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is a superior sheet which is highly thermoformable. Hence, making it relatively easy to customize and fabricate extruded polycarbonate sheets to attain the desired shapes for your application.

Ideally, it is formed through a continuous process. We can customize your extruded polycarbonate sheet with your specific colors, sizes, designs, and finishes.

You can use our WeeTect Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet (WEPS) in a wide range of applications due to its basic properties and features. For example, as greenhouses panel, point of purchase display, signage, various lighting appliances, or commercial glazing.

This material is also suitable for various dealers, suppliers, and retailers in the food handling industry. You can use them to preserve, store, and display a different kinds of food substances.

You will never regret using our product. Our WeeTect Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet (WEPS) offers excellent impact resistance. It is lightweight, which allows outstanding convenience, particularly when it comes to shipping, handling, as well as installation on various surfaces.

When using WeeTect Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet (WEPS) you can display spectacular optical clarity, experience magnificent electrical conductivity, and has better resistance to a broad range of elements, both chemical and environmental. It can hold out against unfavorable conditions for an extended period without wearing out, degrading, or distorting.

We can add numerous types of surface coating options for your extruded polycarbonate sheet projects to achieve the most ideal one. It includes anti-fog coating, anti-scratch coating, anti-glare coating, and anti-UV resistant surface coating, among others. These surface treatments can make extruded polycarbonate sheets last longer while maintaining its functionality, efficiency, and durability.

WeeTect is a certified extruded polycarbonate sheet manufacturer and supplier in China. We passed all the essential qualifications like CE, ISO9001, UL, etc. In a word, WeeTect is your trusted one-stop-shop solution provider with a reputable name in the plastic industry.

Contact WeeTect now! We can provide all types of extruded polycarbonate sheet including clear extruded polycarbonate sheet, heat-insulated extruded polycarbonate sheet, mirrored extruded polycarbonate sheet, colored extruded polycarbonate sheet, and so on.

If you`re interested in our product, send your queries immediately!

Purchase to our WeeTect Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet (WEPS), it offers:

  • Excellent electrical conductivity
  • Incredible optical clarity
  • Environmental and chemical resistance
  • Easy to clean, maintain
  • UV-resistant
  • 250 times stronger than glass
  • Lightweight
  • Highly thermoformable, Easily bendable
  • Seemingly stronger than acrylic
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Extruded Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturing Process

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