Frosted Acrylic Sign


 Do you want to purchase a frosted acrylic sign for your business or applications? Avail frosted acrylic sign now at Weetect! Our team can provide your needs in terms of plastic products. All products are available in custom modernity designs, the simple yet clear surface looks. During the manufacturing process, we make sure to use the highest quality materials for your satisfaction.

Weetect Frosted acrylic sign imitates the frailty and the entire appearance of the glass, like sharp edges. Same appearance with glass but not risky on cracks, scratches, smashing, or breaks. These are popular for its painted images and engraved text that makes special contrast features. Also, these are proven as an elastic product since it comes from high-grade materials.

 Our kind of frosted acrylic sign provides the best solutions for your informative or educative signs. This product is very useful also to develop your business capacity. And for that reason, a hundred solutions are highly presented to fulfill your requirements. Weetect frosted acrylic signs are specially customized and fabricated for business and home fittings. Most preferred material to decorate and bring elegance for your necessary displays. The guaranteed first option for any display scheme.  

 At Weetect, you can select the right product from our wide-ranging choices of frosted acrylic signs. We highly offer 100% durable frosted acrylic signs to provide your needs. Numerous quality standards and types of frosted acrylic signs are available to achieve your desired exhibition projects. You can select here in order to know what the best fitted for your designs and applications. But if you ever need help, Weetect has customer-oriented staff to help you all the way.

 What`s more, we can also manufacture using your own designs. We prioritize your desired designs to get your trust. We, Weetect provide internationally qualified and best products.

 For your urgent frosted acrylic sign orders, contact us immediately today!

Weetect Frosted Acrylic Sign Applications:

  • Reception and conference rooms
  • Labeling points of interest
  • Office name placard
  • Establishment naming
  • Showrooms
  • Doors and windows
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Manufacturing Process

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