Frosted Acrylic Tube


  If you need a frosted acrylic tube for your business additions or personal applications, Weetect has the right solution for you. We manufactured frosted acrylic tubes in assorted shapes, textures, and colors. We can also manufacture based on your required specifications. Rely on Weetect for 100% quality guaranteed frosted acrylic tube.

  Weetect Frosted acrylic tube featured as abrasion-resistant, non-glare, UV-protected, and so on. As a worldwide leading stock supplier and distributor, Weetect is capable to customize your orders, from plastic up to metal fabrication. Any business requirements, regarding plastics, polycarbonate, or acrylic-made products, we have a lot to offer.  

  In the factory, we have sufficient stocks of frosted acrylic tubes to provide for any processing applications like pipelines, displays, fabrication works, oil, and food. We can distribute a large quantity of any types of frosted acrylic tubes. You`re free to choose the product you wish for at our marketplace.

  Our series of frosted acrylic tubes are excellent resistance to moisture, heat, or cold temperature. This is safe even used for food processing since it is created from non-toxic nature.

  For any tubing applications, frosted tubes made from acrylic material are more functional and durable. Its high level of durability can fight against bad temperatures, unlike the other materials.

  On the other hand, our frosted acrylic tubes are mostly used or displayed at museums, lighting, laboratory equipment, etc. What`s makes it exciting, this is easier to fabricate with an effective and efficient method in production.

  In our facility, we owned complete modern machines. With the help of our good experience engineers and trained service staff, we are now boosting a good relationship with our clients and partners.

You don`t have to worry when Weetect is your partner! We can be your long-term business partner, plus we can guarantee many advantages for our production.

 As a certified ISO 9001 manufacturer, Weetect now well-known for supplying negotiable products worldwide.

 To get more info about Weetect frosted acrylic tubes, better contact us today! Your concern is our priority.

Weetect Frosted Acrylic Tube Benefits:

  • Non-toxic in nature
  • Anti-glare
  • Higher Abrasion Resistance
  • Higher Impact Resistance
  • Excellent Resistance to High Temperature
  • Can Withstand Extreme Working Conditions
  • Available in Different Colors & forms
  • More UV resistance
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Manufacturing Process

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