Frosted Polycarbonate Sheet


WeeTect Frosted Polycarbonate Sheets (WFPS) is a preferred choice among designers for modern and specialized design elements. This has been popular with its quality versions and works a vital role by giving a complete capacity of incomprehensible atmospheres.

Our series of Frosted Polycarbonate Sheets are manufactured using hard-wearing and imperishable material. It offers a lightweight, overcast, and elegant environmental reflection of light that widely used in various applications.

Additionally, WeeTect Frosted Polycarbonate Sheets (WFPS) can be manufactured with LED lights that highlighting the frosted appearance which totally diffusing and smattering.

You can use it as a durable screen, sanitary provisions, skylight units, picture frames, greenhouses, lamp boxes, industrial shops, hood lighting, partitions in indoor applications, and so on.

High-quality frosted polycarbonate sheets are also accessible in different colors including green, blue, opal, red, or any other colors required. All colors are available for successive sheeting applications.

LED-diffusion, anti UV grade, and flame-retardant grades of WeeTect frosted polycarbonate sheets are available in standard thicknesses from about 2 mm to 6 mm and with glossy and elegant finishes.

You can obtain our Frosted Polycarbonate Sheets with extreme durability and impact strength to endure unfavorable outdoor weather conditions and temperature fluctuations. This cannot be easily broken or crack and have strong collision proofs.

With a UV-protection coating, you can utilize our WeeTect frosted polycarbonate sheets in outdoor locations like skylights and carports where maximum light transmission is essential.

WeeTect offers premium quality Frosted Polycarbonate Sheet to the world market. We have professional capacities to designed your product requirements. Since our establishment, we aim to give you all the second-to-none services. Send us your drawings now, and we will provide a free sample for you to check the quality.

Whether you`re in need of a clear frosted polycarbonate sheet, corrugated frosted polycarbonate sheet, solid frosted polycarbonate sheet, twin wall frosted polycarbonate sheet, or sound isolation frosted polycarbonate sheet, WeeTect is your reliable frosted polycarbonate sheet manufacturer that can satisfy you always.

If you have more inquiries about our frosted polycarbonate sheet, contact us today!

Get WeeTect Frosted Polycarbonate Sheets (WFPS) in all types with excellent features:

  • 1mm Clear Frosted Polycarbonate Sheet
  • 4mm Frosted Polycarbonate Sheet
  • Textured Frosted Polycarbonate Sheet
  • Frosted Glossy Matt Clear Polycarbonate Sheet
  • Weatherproof Frosted Polycarbonate Sheet
  • Hollow Frosted Polycarbonate Sheet
  • Decorative Frosted Polycarbonate Sheet
  • Sound Isolation Frosted Polycarbonate Sheet
  • Twill Wall Frosted Polycarbonate Sheet
  • Clear frosted polycarbonate sheet
  • Corrugated frosted polycarbonate sheet
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