Hard Coated Polycarbonate Sheet


WeeTect Hard Coated Polycarbonate Sheet (WHCPS) also known as Abrasion-resistant Polycarbonate Sheet and scratch-proof polycarbonate sheet. These are polycarbonate sheets with the abrasion-resistance coating with an enhanced hardness of two surfaces. Moreover, the grade for the surface hardness can be about 2-3 levels than the general use of polycarbonate sheets.

WeeTect Hard coated polycarbonate sheet (WHCPS) is very durable that’s why it can be used in making items like windshields, Machine Guards, goggles, view windows, helmet visors, Architectural Glazing, Safety & Security Mirrors, etc.

In choosing the best Hard Coated Polycarbonate Sheet manufacturer to produce quality products with a negotiable price, first, you must know the features and functions of plastic products you probably need, and if this company is capable to help you know more. WeeTect is the best capable manufacturer, the perfect partner for your next Hard Coated Polycarbonate Sheet projects.

You have a wide range of options because WeeTect Hard Coated Polycarbonate Sheet (WHCPS) also comes in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. Plus, you can get a colored Hard Coated polycarbonate sheet. You can use this sheet in applications that require the optimal transmission of light.

WeeTect Hard Coated Polycarbonate Sheet (WHCPS) is lightweight, has unique impact strength resistant, and superior for harsh weather conditions.

In China, WeeTect is one of the best Hard Coated Polycarbonate Sheet manufacturers. In order to meet your demands, we create and produce all types of hard-coated polycarbonate sheet. From small to a large part, WeeTect specially offers custom Hard Coated Polycarbonate Sheet services for you.

We are very glad to do the optical amendment before the hard tooling process. We can also do polishing polycarbonate, thermoforming polycarbonate, polycarbonate cut to size, silkscreen on polycarbonate, polycarbonate machining, assembly, and more

Weetect is professional in terms of tooling design, production efficiency, raw material selection, storage, after-sales service, logistics, etc. We can custom your desired plastic products based on your ideas. This is all possible with the support of our strong service and engineering team.

Series of world-class quality WeeTect Hard Coated Polycarbonate Sheet is available to satisfy your needs. You can trust WeeTect – your one-stop solution in Hard Coated Polycarbonate Sheet production.

We can give advice on the structural design in the production process, in order to reduce costs and improve quality.

Get Hard Coated Polycarbonate Sheet in WeeTect. Guaranteed high-quality products for boosting your brand.

Main Benefits of our WeeTect Hard Coated Polycarbonate Sheet:

  • Sheet size can range up to 2050mm x 3000mm
  • Available in thickness from 1mm to 25mm
  • Excellent Optical Clarity
  • High Gloss Finish
  • Hard Wearing
  • Can be Mirrored
  • Suitable for Food Contact
  • It is lightweight, therefore making it easy to install.
  • Shatterproof
  • UV Protected
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Hard Coated Polycarbonate Sheet

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