Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheet


WeeTect Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheet (WHRAS) is highly beneficial for several applications due to its excellent qualities. It is made from thermoplastic homopolymer acrylic that helps to mitigate the penetration of heat from the surface.

WeeTect manufactured WeeTect Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheet (WHRAS) with a heat-reflective treatment that functionally reflects solar energy. When using WeeTect heat resistant acrylic sheets, you can save energy consumption by up to 40%. This sheet can block the heat formation in a specific area while allowing sufficient light to pass through.

It is lightweight, versatile, and economical. Plus, these sheets are weather resistant and UV stable. Compared to other material like polycarbonate, these heat resistant acrylic sheets are glossier and offer a better light transmission. It is also shatterproof and can last for multiple years without incurring any severe damages.

Heat resistant acrylic sheet from WeeTect can be custom made as per the user’s requirements. You can decide on the type of acrylic sheet for your need. Just specify the size, thickness, color, and designs of your heat resistant acrylic sheet. We can easily fabricate and cut the acrylic material into your desired fine shapes without much effort.

Moreover, because of the wide range of varieties of the heat resistant acrylic sheets, it is an ideal candidate for decoration or construction.

Due to its great properties, WeeTect heat resistant acrylic sheets can be used for indoor applications, outdoor applications, and other residential applications. You can also use these for commercial purposes as durable display cases, signage, feature walls, retail shopfitting, etc.

In China, WeeTect is a famous acrylic sheet supplier and manufacturer with rich experience in this domain. As an ISO9001 certified provider, we guarantee the premium quality of our products. These sheets have conformed to the standards of REACH, ROHS, UL, CE, and many others.  

Whether you`re in need of a clear heat resistant acrylic sheet, heat resistant acrylic sheets for roofing, colored heat resistant acrylic sheets, or custom heat resistant acrylic sheet, WeeTect can always satisfy your necessities.

If you`re interested in our heat resistant acrylic sheet products, please feel free to message us directly! We have a skilled group of teams willing to assist your project.

WeeTect Heat Resistant Acrylic Sheet (WHRAS) advantages:

  • High Optical Clarity and Transparency
  • Resistance from UV Rays
  • Highly Durable
  • Impact Strength
  • Heat Resistant
  • Weather Resistant
  • Cost-effective sheets
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