Anti-scratch Helmet Visor


WeeTect anti-scratch helmet visors come in two distinct grades for general use (1H) and  upgraded (>2H). Being a perfectly formulated anti-scratch coating that meets the ANSI Z87.1, EN166 and EN170 standards, WeeTect uses anti-scratch helmet visors for a range many applications such football, full face respirator, paintball, pilot and hockey visors, just to mention a few.

At WeeTect, we use either flow coating or dip coating, alongside UV or thermo curing and this ensures anti-scratch coating remains permanently on the surface to withstand several washings. Moreover, WeeTect can consolidate an anti-scratch helmet visor coating with other technologies such as UV resistant, anti-glare or anti-graffiti, for better optical visibility.

Our anti-scratch helmet visor technology is also available for customization. Contact us today to know more about our upgraded anti-scratch helmet visor.

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