Chrome Helmet Visor


WeeTect chrome helmet visor is a collection of ideas, innovation and years of R&D in our Foshan Lab. With varying Visible Light Transmission (VLT) that may vary from 7% to 80% , WeeTect optimizes every aspect of chrome coating technology for optical class 1 requirements.

From low, medium to bright light applications, there’s a WeeTect chrome helmet visor that meet any specific market niche. These may include chrome helmet visors, chrome football visors, motorcycle helmet chrome visors and many more.

WeeTect offers several chrome helmet visor formulations from silver mirror, iridium sky ice blue, iridium purple, emerald green iridium, Revo pink iridium, photochromic, iridium orange, iridium red and black, iridium rainbow, locust, smoke grey or fire chrome, just to mention a few. Visit our factory today to choose a chrome coating technology for the specific needs of your niche market.

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