Fire Helmet Face Shields


WeeTect Fire Helmet Face Shields (WFHFS) also names firefighter face shield which is used for fireman helmet with visor. They are half military level fire helmet face shields which are complaint with all requirements in EN 14458: 2008. WeeTect Fire Helmet Face Shields (WFHFS) can pass the test for optical clarity (class 1); fog resistance; scratch resistance; chemical resistance; impact resistance; radiant heat resistance; flame retardant; resistance to extreme high temperature; resistance to molten metals and hot solids, etc.

WeeTect Fire Helmet Face Shields (WFHFS) are excellent candidates to offer superior performances to fireman helmet with visor manufacturers or brands. As WeeTect holds all those unique know-hows, we can complete all processes of these fire helmet face shields production in our own factory. The sustainable performance could prolong the longevity and reduce cost significantly. WeeTect is glad to develop and custom your own firefighter face shield.

Advantages of WeeTect Fire Helmet Face Shields

  • Better optical clarity (class 1)
  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Outstandingfog resistant property
  • Better water repellantand molten metal resistance
  • One station production for better quality control
  • More custom flexibility
  • More cost competitive
  • WeeTect can customize all injection molding fire helmet face shields you


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