Mirror Helmet Visor


WeeTect mirror helmet visors, also called reflective optical helmet visors reduce harmful light intensity by 10% to 60%. They are formulated mainly for high altitude, sandy or snow prone areas.

WeeTect uses the finest ingredients, which it applies to the outer surface of the helmet visor. Moreover, WeeTect consolidates the mirror coating for helmet visors with other technologies such chrome coating and anti-scratch for an optimal visual clarity.

The mirror helmet visors are available in many options. OEM clients can choose any formulation for their unique market niche such as mirror football visor, mirror helmet visor, chrome mirror visor, chrome mirror football visor, mirror tint football visor or motorcycle helmet mirror visor.

At WeeTect, we offer unlimited possibilities in mirror coating helmet visor technology. Contact us today for a wide assortment of mirror coated helmet visors.

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