Optical Helmet Visor


WeeTect optical helmet visors are injection molded versatile and dependable accessories with a special technology for high definition and low distortion to improve visibility. As an ECE 22.02, ANSI Z87.1 2010 and ISO 527 compliant optical helmet visors, expect nothing less than superior and consistent performance in all weather conditions.

Optical helmet visors are impact resistant, designed to a correct VLT, resistant to abrasion, fog resistant and allow a sufficient amount of light with very low distortion. Thus, WeeTect optical helmet visor is an optical class 1 accessory for use in motorcycle, hockey, paintball and football helmets, among others.

Depending on OEM clients’ market niche, WeeTect optical helmet visors come many shapes and designs, with custom options available. Visit our product section for an assortment of helmet visors.

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