Ski Helmet Visor


WeeTect Ski Helmet Visor (WSHV) also names ski visor, snowboard helmet visor, motorbike helmet visor which is one of WeeTect’s high quality helmet visors. It could also be extended to motocross helmet visor and other motorbike helmet visors. WeeTect Ski Helmet Visor (WSHV) boasts superior optical clarity, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, etc. In advance, WeeTect Ski Helmet Visor (WSHV) could co-develop your own co-molded anti-fog and photochromic ski helmet visor with TAC anti-fog film inside and hydrophobic coating outside. This is a unique know-how developed by WeeTect.

With the military background and full experience of helmet visors manufacturing, WeeTect Ski Helmet Visor (WSHV) is an excellent candidate to support ski helmet manufacturers to develop your own high end ski helmet with visor, women’s ski helmet with visor, visor ski helmet, snowboard helmet with visor, ski helmet with face shield, full face helmet snowboard, ski helmet with goggles, and other full face helmets.

Advantages of  WeeTect Ski Helmet Visor

WeeTect can customize any injected ski helmet visor you required.

More Details
Item Property  Test Method  U/M Value
Optical UV Resistant (380nm) EN170 % 99.99%
Haze ASTM D 1003 % 0.37
Fog Free time ECE22.05/ECE324 s >22
Fog Free time Freezing Test s no fogging
Mechanical Hardness 1KG ISO 178 H 1
High velocity impact ANSI Z87.1 2010 ft/s >300
Cross-Cut tape test ASTM D 1000 NA Pass
Elongation, yield  % 7 ISO 527 % 7
Elongation, break ISO 527 % 110 ISO 527 % 110
Tensile stress, yield ISO 527 Mpa 60
Tensile modulus  MPa ISO 527 Mpa 2300
Flexural strength, yield ISO 178 Mpa 100
Flexural modulus ISO 178 MPa 2500 ISO 178 Mpa 2500
Izod notched impact, 20 °C ISO 180-1A KJ/m² 65
Physical Gravity ISO 1183 g/cm³ 1.2
Water absorption, 24 hours ISO 62 % 0.15
Thermal Mold shrinkage ISO527 % 0.5-0.7
Thermal expansion ASTM D696 1/ °C 7×10-5
Vicat Softening Temp., Rate B / 120(base sheet) ISO 306 °C 150
HDT, 0.45 MPa ISO 75/Be °C 138

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