Tinted Helmet Visor


WeeTect tinted helmet visors offer a wide range of color effects and visible light transmissions (VLTs) depending on the type of tint. Be it dark brown, green, orange or any other tint, WeeTect has tints for all weather conditions, occasions or reasons.

With several years of experience and know-how on eyewear safety, WeeTect formulates every tinted helmet visor for exceptional visual experience. Depending on the type of tint, WeeTect tinted helmet visors can increase contrast, reduce sunlight intensity or increase depth of perception.

OEM clients can choose from the tinted motor motorcycle visor, tinted football visors, motorcycle helmet tinted visor, tinted face shield, mirror tint football visor or tinted hockey visor, depending on their market niche.

WeeTect tinted helmet visors are sustainable and available at competitive prices. Contact us today for free samples.

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