Holographic Acrylic Sheet


  Weetect holographic acrylic sheets come in a variety of colors, textures, opacity, and finishes. This type of sheeting is popular for its strength and good quality. You can find our holographic acrylic sheet good for both indoor and outdoor purposes. This is also known as a special version of the classic acrylic sheets. So when you need a manufacturer to handle your holographic acrylic sheet orders, choose no further than Weetect!

  Weetect holographic acrylic sheet has metallic flecks implanted in the material that presents a finished and rich look. These are now best selling sheets for they can provide superb visual effects throughout the material. In adding aesthetics and to brighten up your area, these are perfect to use.

   We, Weetect are a well-recognized manufacturer of any high-grade acrylic sheets in China. Most customers are depending on us for their superior quality acrylic and polycarbonate sheet needs.

  Certainly, Weetect also presents the finest series of holographic acrylic sheeting. There are many kinds of holographic acrylic sheets offered in Weetect to skyrocket your brand.  

  So whether you`re searching for holographic glittering sheets, acrylic holographic tray boxes, holographic light diffusing acrylic sheets, and holographic colored glitter acrylic sheets, we can manufacture them for you. We promise to satisfy your holographic acrylic sheet demands.

  Weetect holographic acrylic sheet is broadly used in different industries. You can use these sheets for house building, greenhouse building, and more. Our holographic acrylic sheets are also useful to create different products including shed glazing, acrylic splashbacks, windows and doors, signage, motorcycle windows, and more.

  In Weetect, we can supply custom standard sizes and colors for your holographic acrylic sheet orders. These can also offer optical clarity and different levels of light transmissions. Featured as a lightweight material, UV resistant, chemical resistant, and has a higher impact resistance than glass.

  For stocks, you don’t have to worry. We assure to deliver enough stocks to your warehouse for we can produce over 5000 pcs of holographic acrylic sheet every day through our automatic production line.

  Apart from holographic acrylic sheets, Weetect also distributes and manufacture matte acrylic sheets, extruded acrylic sheets, prismatic acrylic sheets, and so on.

  Weetect can satisfy all your acrylic sheet needs. So for more details about our products and services, contact our team today! No need to worry because we have a customer-oriented team to guide you.

WeeTect Holographic Acrylic Sheet Advantages:

  • Surface Hardness and Impact Resistant
  • Great Light Transmission
  • Higher UV protection
  • Higher Strength and Durability
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Very Cost-efficient
More Details

Holographic Acrylic Sheet Manufacturing Process

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