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Your reliable supplier for eye and face protection solution

WeeTect is a military background enterprise who has enough know-how and experience to support your business on helmet visor and any other eye and face protection products. You can get one stop solution by our world-class technology and quality control system on optical class and anti-fog, anti-scratch coating

Featured Products

WeeTect supports on design and production for custom helmet visor, face shield, photochromic lenses, coated polycarbonate sheet as well as a few standard products for eye and face protection.
Photochromic Lenses
  • Quickest photochromic tinting speed
  • With anti-fog & Hydrophobic coating
Anti-fog Anti-scratch PC Sheet
  • Compliant with EN166&EN168
  • Can custom special colors
Motorcycle Visor
  • Compliant with ECE22.05/ECE324
  • Custom design & optical correction service
IP Camera Lens Cover
  • Solve foggy problems permanently
  • Easy to implement

Functions Our Products Have

With a military background and long history, WeeTect owns almost all key technologies on eye and face protection industry.
  • Compliant with ECE and ANSI
  • Optical class 2, class 1 as options
  • Compliant with EN166, EN168
  • 8s,10s, 30s, 120s as options
  • Hardness >=1H
  • Abrasion resistant as an option
  • UV&IR filter rate >=99.99%
  • Visible Light Transmittance >=65%

How We Control Quality

WeeTect owns two world-class laboratories which align with CE certificate laboratory. It’s the guaranty to be a reliable supplier.
  • Italian testing equipment
  • Test before every order production
  • Compliant with ECE324
  • Judge by specular transmittance
  • Compliant with ASTM and ECE
  • Judge by haze rate
  • Compliant with ANSI and CE
  • From military to residential application

Typical Applications

  • Permanent anti-fog performance
  • Custom for different sizes and shapes
  • Cost competitive
  • Universal application
  • Support you from design stage
  • Compliant with your required standard
  • One stop solution your foggy problem
  • Competitive cost

Why You Can Trust WeeTect

As an eye and face protection expert, WeeTect can support your innovations and take full responsibility for quality.

Eye and face protection expert
World-class technology and quality
One stop solution provider
Professional plastic sheet coating technology

What Clients Say

You are the second factory I see who can make multi curve face shield with optical clarity class 1 over the past 20 years.

But you are much more cost competitive.

Mr. Edward
Director of TP

Thanks for you to reduce over 50% costs and shorten more than 2 months lead time of our anti-fog polycarbonate sheets.

The anti-fog film from WeeTect is really helpful and almost without any impact of the visibility.

Ms. Therese
Purchasing Manager of Rudolf

I was really impressed by the innovative idea and quick response from WeeTect.

I just talked to them my idea and they gave back the whole solution very quickly.

Product Engineer

One Stop Solution Provider

In advance of providing high quality single products, WeeTect is more interested in solving your problems with our know-how, rich experience and outsourcing capability on eye and face production industry.

  • 5th Floor, Dongchen Building, #60 Mudan Road, PuDong, Shanghai, China
  • +86-1381-690-5765
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