Insulated Polycarbonate Roof Panels


WeeTect Insulated polycarbonate roof panels (WIPRP) are most popular in the construction and engineering industry. Due to its unique inherent properties, this product is now being widely used and appreciated worldwide.

Our WeeTect Insulated polycarbonate roof panels (WIPRP) stand out when it comes to natural light. These panels allow almost exactly the same amount of natural light into a structure as glass. It is an ideal roofing solution and more durable than other materials.  

Undeniably, insulated polycarbonate roof panels are incredibly flexible, versatile, and much lighter than glass. And even for long years of use, our insulated polycarbonate roof panels are consistent in strength, color, transparency, and shape.

Moreover, WeeTect Insulated polycarbonate roof panels come in transparent, semi-transparent, and opaque in a range of colors and tints. You can also get high-quality custom insulated polycarbonate roof panels for your project. We can easily cut the insulated polycarbonate roof panels into any shape and design, allowing easy handling and installation.

When using WeeTect Insulated polycarbonate roof panels, you can protect the building and the residents from rain, snow, and other weather conditions. It can sustain the temperature all year long and during all seasons. It also blocked the UV rays from passing the other side but allows the natural light to enter.

For many years, we created polycarbonate roofing in various forms to offer different features. Choose the right type of insulated polycarbonate roof panels to achieve the strength and longevity roofing system.

WeeTect offers a variety of insulated polycarbonate roof panels perfect for your project including high-quality solid clear insulated polycarbonate roof panels, textured insulated polycarbonate roof panels, corrugated insulated polycarbonate roof panels, multiwall insulated polycarbonate roof panels, and many more.

This roofing system is a perfect roof panel for your backyards or the greenhouses, in swimming pools, stadiums, parking areas, and industrial areas.

In China, WeeTect is recognized as one of the trusted insulated polycarbonate roof panels manufacturers and suppliers. With more than 20 years of history, we guarantee a cost-effective roofing system but not compromise on natural light in favor of durability and safety.

For more information about WeeTect Insulated polycarbonate roof panels (WIPRP), please contact us immediately!

WeeTect Insulated Polycarbonate Roof Panels (WIPRP) benefits:

  • Best Light transmission
  • Durability
  • Versatility
  • Lightweight
  • Thermal Insulated
  • Sound Insulated
  • Long-lasting and resistant features
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Insulated polycarbonate roof panels manufacturing process

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