Large Acrylic Box


If you`re searching for the best large acrylic box for your business, you`ve come to the right place! WeeTect is a reliable large acrylic box supplier and manufacturer. We have a wide range of large acrylic boxes available for your different applications.

You can choose from any type, size, color, and design of our large acrylic boxes. All of these are made versatile at competitive rates.

Whether you need a 22-inch large acrylic box with a clear base, a foldable large acrylic box with pocket, lock and key, super lockable large acrylic box, or stand cosmetic case large acrylic box, WeeTect can always provide you all of that.

We can manufacture WeeTect large acrylic boxes with no sharp edges, beveled cuts, museum-quality varnishes, and a clear base.

Due to its excellent durability, WeeTect large acrylic box can be easily used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. It is safe from UV rays because its coated with UV-protected treatments and has excellent weatherability.

When using WeeTect large acrylic box for your application, you will be satisfied and feel comfortable. It is lightweight compared to glass and offers excellent optical clarity. With some creativity, you can create an enhanced look over for your clients.

Aside from the features above, WeeTect large acrylic box is an ideal box for your heavy stuff because it is impact resistant and rigid. It is strong enough to hold heavy loads.

Overall, our large acrylic box is perfect for protecting your valuable stuff and products. You will never regret purchasing our products.

For your customized requirements, WeeTect has a bespoke service for you. We can create unique and beautiful to customize large acrylic boxes. WeeTect is the ideal manufacturer for your large acrylic box orders. 

We are also a great source of the small acrylic box, acrylic donation box, an acrylic box with lock, and acrylic box with lid.

Just feel free to inquire about all your acrylic necessities. WeeTect is your one-stop-shop provider, with CE-compliant facilities, advanced manufacturing lines, and an experienced team of experts.

So, for further assistance, please contact WeeTect now to receive remarkable products and services.

WeeTect Large Acrylic Box (WLAB) will offer you:

  • Highly Transparent
  • extremely lightweight even for its large size
  • Impact Resistant and Rigid
  • Superior Durability
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Easy to fabricate and bond
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Large Acrylic Box Manufacturing-Process

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