Light Up Acrylic Sign


Finding a reliable source and manufacturer of light up acrylic signs? Weetect is a guaranteed, trusted, and outstanding plastic fabricator based in China. In terms of light up acrylic signs, we can supply lots of stocks that are the best quality across the country.

Weetect deeply knows how hard to manage a business at the start. Plus it is hard to trust and find a long term partner. But we, Weetect can handle the safety and the entire process of your orders. We have the ability to check and develop the quality of our products before the delivery.  

Worldwide, Weetect is one of the leading manufacturers. We manufactured light up acrylic signs with the best features. These are 100% durable, makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor applications. Thus, more weather-resistant, UV protected, fire-retardant, and long-lasting compared to other signage.

If you decide to include our light up acrylic signs on your business, we can help you gain large profits. These signages are profitable and negotiable, plus attached with catchy lightings as well, makes customers convince to buy your products. We produced to light up acrylic signs, from a free stand, wall-mounted, outdoor signage, tabletop signs, etc. These types have different quality features for your selection.

For light up acrylic sign applications, it is designed for outdoor use. These are fully protected against harmful sunlight. And even most of the acrylic-made products scratch easily, we made this light up acrylic signs scratch resistant for your satisfaction.

In general, you can trust all of our products` quality. Weetect is truly reliable in terms of handling the whole production process for you. Throughout our years of experience, we gain popularity and built good relationships with worldwide customers.

Choose Weetect as your long term partner and for your business success! We promise to satisfy your needs. We have full capability in serving our valued customers.  Never miss this great offer! Deal with us today and get high-quality light up acrylic signs at a competitive cost.  

Weetect Light Up Acrylic Signs Advantages:

  • Easier to Install
  • More Affordable
  • More Energy-efficient
  • Portable and Lightweight
  • Safest Acrylic Product
  • Aesthetic and Nostalgic Appeal
  • 100% Durable
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Manufacturing Process

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