Lockable Acrylic Box


You can find a highly secure box to protect your valuables here in WeeTect. We manufacture high-standard lockable acrylic boxes made of quality acrylic sheets. Avail the cost-effective lockable acrylic box yet not compromise the quality.

WeeTect Lockable Acrylic Box (WLAB) is widely used to secure and protect valuable stuff. Our available designs allow you to use this box as a ballot box, POS display stand, organizing POS, suggestion and customer information box, gift food storage box, souvenir box, etc.

Depending on your choice, this elegant box can be designed into various shapes that suit spaces on your countertop. You can decide on the features, advantages, and functions you need for your lockable acrylic box including better impact protection and higher transparency.

 WeeTect Lockable Acrylic Box (WLAB) has so many advantages to offer. Since acrylic material is transparent by nature, the WeeTect lockable acrylic box turns into a highly-transparent showcase for your displays. You can experience eye-catching displays when using it.

It is also extremely lightweight. This can be easily moved and transported from one area to another. It is extremely safe to handle. You can place this Lockable Acrylic Box with other display items or use it as a wall-mounting design.

Of course, it is made from a highly versatile material that lasts for a considerably longer period. Due to its durability features, it is strong enough to hold heavy weight without losing shape or warping. 

WeeTect can manufacture all types of lockable acrylic boxes that can meet your standards and specifications. We are proud to offer our high-grade counter clear lockable acrylic box, business card lockable acrylic box, suggestion lockable acrylic box, medium lockable acrylic box, and so on. All of these are made from 100% acrylic material.

WeeTect holds the complete acrylic fabrication to perfect your acrylic needs. Our skilled and strong workmanship can make your acrylic products into different levels with different technologies and surface coatings.

Let WeeTect custom your lockable acrylic box to skyrocket your brand.

WeeTect Lockable Acrylic Box (WLAB) advantages:

  • highly-transparent 
  • offers high security to the displayed items
  • extremely lightweight
  • highly durable
  • extremely safe to handle
  • strong enough to hold sufficient weight


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