Matte Acrylic Sheet


  Weetect is an expert supplier and manufacturer of matte acrylic sheets in China. We can even deliver high-quality matte acrylic sheets across the country through our incredible services and outstanding customer relationship.

  For any type of your matter acrylic sheet requirements, Weetect can distribute and produce in order to attain your trust. We can offer different standard designs for your satisfaction. We also consider your ideal design for matte acrylic sheets just sends us your specifications. We are fully capable and happy to deliver.  

  Weetect team professionally manufactures a variety of colors for the matte acrylic sheets. You can avail white matte acrylic sheet, colorful matte acrylic sheet, matte black acrylic sheet, matte glass acrylic sheet, matte frosted acrylic sheet, and many more. 

 Our very own kind of matte acrylic sheet is produced with definite functional characteristics. This also has resources that present heat reflection, light diffusion, and great insulation.  

  Plus it has 17 impact resistance of glass. Discoloration-proof as well so you don’t need to worry about the yellowing of matte acrylic sheets. And you surely find this item at a lower cost in Weetect. You can freely use our matte acrylic sheets for any applications without worrying about breakage. Scratches resistant, fingerprints-, and smudges resistant in addition.

  Weetect matte acrylic sheet is perfectly useful in different applications. These are common sheets to use for photography, the lighting industry, privacy screens, signs, and so forth. And like all the acrylics, Weetect matte acrylic sheets can be easily fabricated, cut, or even formed into different shapes.

  These sheeting products are well-known in the global market for their light stability, optical features, and low internal stress degree for dependable functions. Weetect matte acrylic sheet is one of our long-lasting products. These are intentionally made with the same quality standards used for many decades.

  Regarding your acrylic sheet needs for business, the Weetect matte acrylic sheet is excellent to add. Weetect is the largest manufacturer of acrylic sheets in China. We can mold and produce designs that suit your applications and your preferences as well.

 Get an instant quote for your inquiries here at Weetect!

  WeeTect Matte Acrylic Sheet Advantages:

  • More Durable
  • Stress Resistant
  • Scratch- and Fingerprints-proof
  • Virtually Unbreakable
  • Easy to Maintain and Cut
  • Super Cost-efficient
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Matte Acrylic Sheet Manufacturing Process

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