Metallic Acrylic Sheets


  All types of metallic acrylic sheets produced by Weetect are designed to imitate the metal’s appearance. Guaranteed for durability and performance, our metallic acrylic sheets are created in different metallic colors and offered at competitive costs. To get unique and eye-catching metallic acrylic sheets for business, Weetect is the perfect place you can ask for reliable assistance.

  In Weetect, we have offered the largest range of options for metallic acrylic sheets at reasonable prices. These metallic acrylic sheets are available in excellent designs that can surely attract customers in the global market. Its performance and durability have been evaluated and made to last. We make sure to manufacture metallic acrylic sheets from superior quality materials.

  On the other hand, Weetect metallic acrylic sheets have features that can surely convince your own customers. It is fingerprints resistant and scratch protected as well, super ideal for any applications.

   Our professional team manufactures metallic acrylic sheets in a variety of transparency levels. These are also the best product for illuminated signage, display stands, trophies, awards, and so on.

  We designed our own version of metallic acrylic sheets with magnificent diffusing properties and light transmissions. There are no worries in the fabrication process since it can easily be fabricated with woodworking, plastic tools, and simple techniques. Surely save your time, effort, and money.

  Weetect metallic acrylic sheets highly present premium finish to any projects and kind of use. And due to the metallic sheet`s versatility and standard thickness, these are now best selling in the market. Also, the best substitute product for metals because it has higher resistance against critical weather conditions. Plus easier to shape and cut-to-size.  

  As of now, Weetect acrylic sheets hit the highest demands in the market. 100% genuine product and performs standard functions to any applications. UV stabilized, thermoformable, and flame retardant as additional features.

  Our kind of metallic acrylic sheets will definitely increase your market. So, for further acrylic sheet solutions, Weetect has all your sheeting needs. We can upgrade and customize your product based on your specifications.

 If you`re now interested in Weetect metallic acrylic sheets, contact us! Get a quote from us in an instant.  

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