Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet


  If you were a multiwall polycarbonate distributor, custom company, or supplier, Weetect is the most reliable manufacturer you can partner with for your business. Since most customers are searching for the highest quality multiwall polycarbonate sheet, your brand will be a success if you choose Weetect as your solution provider.

  Weetect multiwall polycarbonate sheet is manufactured using our technically advanced technology. That is why we can guarantee these standard sheets for you. Plus it owns further features helping the product last for a longer time.

  These unique multiwall polycarbonate sheets are Ultraviolet rays protected. Discoloring-proof also used to last, and virtually unbreakable compared to common glass. Multiwall sheets that are not made from high-grade polycarbonate materials might break easily, makes your customers disappointed. Good thing, Weetect is now offering you the toughest and standard multiwall polycarbonate sheet.

  Our kind of multiwall polycarbonate sheets gives a high level of light transmittance. Besides, the structure of these sheets providing exceptional thermal insulation properties at the same time. In general, our multiwall polycarbonate sheet is extra durable, lightweight, and elastic. Your customers surely convinced to buy due to its advantages feature to offer.

  However, you can use our multiwall polycarbonate sheet to create on-site join multiwall polycarbonate panels and cap-off multiwall polycarbonate panels together with a complete line of polycarbonate profiles Weetect does offer. Best for roofing applications since it can carry moisture away, eliminate possible damage to animal bedding, plants, and furnishings.

  Weetect Multiwall polycarbonate sheet can be used for a greenhouse, pool enclosures, walkways, sunrooms, sheds, carports, and so on.

 Being one of the largest multiwall polycarbonate sheet manufacturers in China, Weetect ensures that you will receive your orders at very reasonable rates.

  A great one-stop solution for your polycarbonate sheet needs awaits you here! We have not only a multiwall polycarbonate sheet, but also a twin wall polycarbonate sheet, corrugated polycarbonate sheet, Makrolon polycarbonate sheet, and many other related products.

  We can`t wait to closely work with you. Your satisfaction is our ultimate success. Feel free to inquire about us! We have a customer-friendly staff to guide you when you needed to.

Weetect Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet Applications:

  • Greenhouse
  • Carports
  • Swimming pool
  • Walkways
  • Roofing
  • Fencing
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