Non-Glare Acrylic


In need of a Non-Glare Acrylic Sheets manufacturer in China? WeeTect is a premier non-glare acrylic manufacturer in China with complete capabilities to manufacture various types of non-glare acrylic to satisfy your requirements.

WeeTect Non-Glare Acrylic (WNGA) has a matte-like finish created to minimize unwanted or unnecessary reflection and glare from most viewing angles as much as possible. Aside from reducing glare, WeeTect non-glare acrylic also blocks a great deal of UV light.

Our WeeTect Non-Glare Acrylic (WNGA) is much stronger than non-glare glass. Compared to non-glare plastic, it is also more than twice as resistant to impact, chemical corrosion, and abrasion. This component is lightweight, easy to manufacture, and shatter-resistant making it popular in a broad range of applications.

It`s up to you if you want to paint or silk-screen your acrylic sheeting to utilize in a variety of applications. Help your artwork and pictures look much more visible and transparent with the help of our WeeTect non-glare acrylic.

WeeTect non-glare acrylic materials are uses in a wide-ranging course based on your specific application. This is utilized for making window panels in the construction and building industry, it also used for creating lighting equipment and other related devices. Applicable in making motor vehicle windscreens and windows, for making signage used for commercial advertisements and information purposes, and more.

WeeTect can custom products using non-glare acrylic materials according to your demands. We can manufacture non-glare acrylic eyeglasses, non-glare acrylic helmet visors, non-glare acrylic face shields, non-glare acrylic signage, non-glare acrylic photochromic lenses, non-glare acrylic welding lens cover, pos displays, etc.

WeeTect integrates excellent non-glare acrylic fabrication techniques to provide you the superior quality non-glare acrylic solutions. This includes non-glare acrylic drilling, non-glare acrylic cutting, non-glare acrylic CNC machining, silkscreen on non-glare acrylic, non-glare acrylic bonding, non-glare acrylic polishing, and non-glare acrylic assembly.

Your customer will be delighted in various kinds of products produced by WeeTect non-glare acrylic. It is easy to clean and maintain, highly transparent, and cost-effective.

In fact, our facility follows strict quality control that guarantees the reliability, durability, and efficiency of our products. Decide to design your product with our WeeTect non-glare acrylic solution. We will make it perfect to provide your customer with the best experience.

Whatever your requirements in non-glare acrylic manufacturing, WeeTect is the right choice. We also fabricate acrylic mirror, acrylic frames, acrylic awards, acrylic signs, and so on.

For more than 20 years, WeeTect devoted itself to manufacturing high-quality products from acrylic sheets materials that can meet your specifications. We also provide one-stop solution services, supported by highly skilled technicians and engineers.

Let WeeTect know your non-glare acrylic requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. Just send us your drawing or specifications, and we will handle the process to make it perfect.

As one of the Non-Glare Acrylic Sheets manufacturer in China, WeeTect will offer you:

  • Reliable service. We will make sure to comply with your Non-Glare Acrylic drawing and specifications. We can produce different kinds of products from Non-Glare Acrylic materials.
  • Strict Quality Control. Before shipment, WeeTect will reliably process strict quality control and inspection system.
  • WeeTect will choose compatible raw materials and processes to perfect our products.
  • Our pretreatment and painting can be extreme temperatures, industrial solvents, chemicals, resistance to abrasion, salt spray, humidity, and more.
  • Quick response. WeeTect Non-Glare Acrylic (WNGA) supported by a friendly and skilled service team to help your needs.


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