Opal Polycarbonate Sheet


  Weetect can be your trusted manufacturer of opal polycarbonate sheet. We are based in China, professionally creates different types of polycarbonate sheets for your applications. Different types of polycarbonate sheets include high-quality opal polycarbonate sheets. This type owned different standard properties to achieve your satisfaction. Weetect has a lot to offer you.

  Our version of the opal polycarbonate sheet is qualified for having fire resistance, high impact strength, and outstanding light transmission features. These were also known as Lexan or Makrolon, manufactured 200 times durable compared to glass.

  Our professional team can create an opal polycarbonate sheet with different unique features such as UV protection. Hence, the Weetect opal polycarbonate sheet is best as conservatory roof panels substitute or useful when installing a new conservatory roof.

  Most of the Weetect opal polycarbonate sheet is extremely resistant to breakage and highly versatile. Whether you are an outdoor POS display and signage supplier, the Weetect opal polycarbonate sheet is the most excellent material you should use. Since these sheets do not require any pre-treatment regarding printing or coating.

  Moreover, the Weetect opal polycarbonate sheet can be used for outdoor applications due to the UV protection coating it has on each side.  Between -100°C to 120°C is the temperature resistance it can provide. What`s more, our one of a kind opal polycarbonate sheet is strongly protected from damaging UV rays of the sunlight.

  The UV coating of our opal polycarbonate sheets has the ability to protect itself from yellowing that happens when exposed to sunlight. However, the opal color of the sheet filters the sun and heat directly. For that reason, the Weetect opal polycarbonate sheet is functional and ideal for outdoor uses.

  Besides our opal polycarbonate sheet, we can also supply and create opal polycarbonate roof sheets, twin wall polycarbonate sheets, multiwall polycarbonate sheets, and many more.

  Weetect is always the best place especially if you are an opal polycarbonate sheet distributor, custom factory, or supplier.

   We`re waiting to be your reliable supplier and manufacturer of the opal polycarbonate sheet.

Contact us today for your inquiries.

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