Optical Grade Polycarbonate


For your optical grade polycarbonate needs, WeeTect is the right choice. WeeTect supplies and manufacture high-quality products including optical grade polycarbonate. Avail cost-effective optical grade polycarbonate in WeeTect!

WeeTect optical grade polycarbonate (WOGP) is a high strength element created to provide relatively complete luminous transmittance in the visible region of the spectrum. This enables a better light transmission than other materials.  

Moreover, WeeTect optical grade polycarbonate (WOGP) is designed to enhance Durability, UV resistance, and flammability performance over the standard polycarbonate material. It provides a comparatively low haze factor. A UV-stabilized material, optically clear polished polycarbonate sheet particularly engineered to provide excellent optical performance.

Here in WeeTect, you can choose optical grade polycarbonate in various sizes, which is necessary because it gives you alternatives to find the particular size that suit your applications.

You can use WeeTect Optical Polycarbonate Sheet material in several applications including pool enclosures, roofing, skylights, packaging industry, visual applications, construction industry, face shields, aftermarket automotive parts, etc.

WeeTect holds the full capability techniques to fabricate optical-grade polycarbonate sheet such as thermoforming, cutting to size, optical grade polycarbonate sheet laminating, optical grade polycarbonate sheet CNC milling, optical-grade polycarbonate sheet coating, injection molding, and optical grade polycarbonate sheet drilling.

As one of the premier manufacturers of optical grade polycarbonate, WeeTect devoted itself to producing the highest standard quality products. Our products and reliable services guaranteed to meet your requirements and expectations.

You don’t need to worry since our products are manufactured while following the strict quality control under CE and ISO standards.

Our team of experts works hard to produce the best products for you. Using our advanced technology production line in manufacturing optical-grade polycarbonate, we ensure satisfying products to support the goal of your business.

Interested in our optical-grade polycarbonate? Don’t hesitate to contact us immediately.

Characteristics of Our WeeTect Optical Grade Polycarbonate:

  • Formability
  • Lightweight
  • High impact resistance
  • Inherent transparency 
  • Weatherability
  • Flame resistance
  • UV resistance
  • Dimensional stability
  • Scratch-resistant
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Optical Grade Polycarbonate

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