Perforated Acrylic Sheet


For your perforated acrylic sheet requirements, you can trust WeeTect! We are a popular acrylic sheet manufacturer and trusted by many customers around the world.

As a leading manufacturer in China, we carry a wide range of standard perforated acrylic sheets and offer custom-made perforated acrylic sheets to perfect your business project. It is a soft and flexible material that’s why we can easily reshape or customize this to suit your particular needs.

WeeTect Perforated Acrylic Sheet (WPAS) is a strong thermoplastic sheet punched or stamped to form holes, slots, or decorative material on the surface material automatically or mechanically.

The design of this product offers unique features ideal for integrating into your particular applications. It is available in different sizes, colors, shapes, and other specifications.

You can use our WeeTect Perforated Acrylic Sheet (WPAS) in various architectural aspects such as fencing screens, infill panels, cladding, signage, column covers, sunshades, among others. It also applied in building and construction, food and beverage, chemical processing, etc.

Nowadays, it is utilized by many vehicle manufacturers as running boards, oil filters, radiator grills, engine ventilation, silencers, etc.

Of course, our WeeTect Perforated Acrylic Sheet provides a broad range of benefits. It has better regulation of airflow, making it perfect for your project. In short, it is designed with ideal airflow and withstand high temperatures including mechanical and climatic conditions without distorting or degrading.

This sheet is lightweight, which enhances convenience as far as handling, transportation, and installation are involved.

Additionally, WeeTect guarantees that it has a strong surface which makes it difficult to break or crack. An incredible product that can resist many elements including UV rays, moisture, and corrosion.

In terms of replacement and repair, you don’t need to worry, our product allows you to cut on costs because of its durability that can be useful even in a long run.

Settle on WeeTect to get the most durable perforated acrylic sheet. Weetect team earned the best experience in dealing with the needs of every client. We are really professionals when it regards to perforated acrylic sheet and other sheet manufacturing.

Notably, WeeTect has the full capabilities in perforated acrylic sheet fabrications. We do all necessary checking and testing to ensure a 100% perforated acrylic sheet.

WeeTect can offer you all types of perforated acrylic sheets including optical clear perforated acrylic sheet, anti-scratch perforated acrylic sheet, glass perspex perforated acrylic sheet, transparent perforated acrylic sheet, frosted perforated acrylic sheet, and many more.

Feel free to contact us today! Just send your specifications and demands, WeeTect can handle all your perforated acrylic sheet necessities. We have skilled and friendly staff willing to assist your business.

WeeTect perforated acrylic sheet (WPAS) advantages:

  • Great flexibility
  • Allows a higher amount of light to pass through
  • Withstand impact resistance
  • Relatively lightweight 
  • Durable compared to the glass sheet
  • UV resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Hardly break nor shatter
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