Perforated Polycarbonate Sheet


Looking for the most excellent manufacturer for your Perforated Polycarbonate Sheet requirements? We got you covered! You can find and get the most suitable Perforated Polycarbonate Sheet for your various applications.

WeeTect can provide completely manufactured and finished part of your perforated polycarbonate sheet. High-quality products and services had made WeeTect trusted by most designers and engineers worldwide.

WeeTect Perforated Polycarbonate Sheet (WPPS) is a type of durable thermoplastic panel that has been punched or stamped to form a pattern of holes, slots, or decorative shapes. Provides exceptional durability and use in many applications that require lighter-weight material.

For instance, it can be used as a motorbike silencer, running boards, gas purifiers, centrifuges and coal washing, signage, column covers, cladding, sunshade, fencing screens, infill panels, site amenities, among others.

Perforated polycarbonate sheet from WeeTect is made from excellent natural raw components. It is a highly biodegradable material that makes it easy to fabricate, recycle as well as re-use.

Of course, this makes it possible also for our Perforated polycarbonate sheet to be resistant to various environmental, chemical, and physical elements. It is quite resilient.

This can resist all the harsh circumstances and conditions but still maintain its better appearance, quality, shape, and efficiency. Aside from its extremely tolerant of unfavorable chemicals, it can never corrode or rust.

No need to worry about early replacement because WeeTect Perforated polycarbonate sheet can last for as many years as possible. It often exhibits superior features compared to the perforated glass sheet.

We can add a range of coating features on the surface material of WeeTect perforated polycarbonate perforatedsheet including anti-scratch coating, anti-fog coating, UV coating, anti-corrosion coating, and anti-glare coating.

Using hi-tech equipment and relevant knowledge, we can produce second-to-none perforated polycarbonate sheets according to your requirements. All our products conform to the latest international standards like SGS, CE, ISO 9001, UL, ASTM, etc.

We integrate strict inspection, testing, and verification, which ensures the quality manufacturing of our product.

In short, when choosing WeeTect as your manufacturer and supplier, you`ve got the right partner. At WeeTect, you can get 100% perforated polycarbonate sheets, manufactured and supplied with the highest level of quality.

Whether you`re in need of a perforated multi wall polycarbonate sheet, perforated hollow polycarbonate sheet, perforated milky white plastic polycarbonate sheet, or perforated solid polycarbonate sheet, WeeTect will always satisfy your requirements.

For more details about perforated polycarbonate sheets, inquire about us immediately!

WeeTect perforated polycarbonate sheets advantages:

  • Impermissible to any form of leakage
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Seemingly lightweight
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Resistant to harsh environmental conditions
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Perforated Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturing Process

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