WeePro Photochromic Visor Insert to Solve Your Glare Problem

You are riding your new motorcycle down your favorite road.You feel the wind gushing as you accelerate, the excitement of freedom and adventure take all over you.You are truly enjoying every moment.

But suddenly…

Tiny droplets of rain start to cover your helmets visor or fiery rays of sun blur your vision.

You snap back to reality. Now, you have to slow down to avoid an accident and the joy of the moment disappears.

Phew… you avoided an accident by a split second.

Most motorcyclists have experienced this exact same situation…

Sun glare, reflection on your visor, or nasty raindrops that won’t go away are extremely dangerous for riders. They can take away the joy of motorcycling and can even cause terrible accidents.

So to solve the problem of blurry vision we created the WeePro photochromic visor insert.

This insert changes from clear to dark smoke in a few seconds to prevent sun glare. And those annoying droplets of rain are removed by a hydrophobic coating with great water repellent performance.

We have already launched this product to the market! Now, we are recruiting distributors and ODM/OEM customers globally. If you want to get on board, just contact our support team right now.

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Why WeePro Photochromic Visor Insert

  • Anti-glare  WeePro photochromic visor insert will solve your glare problem when riding. This visor insert changes from clear to dark smoke in a few seconds to prevent sun glare. Just imagine how good you are going to feel when your motorcycle visor can change from clear to dark smoke under different UV conditions so rapidly.
  • Water repellent It is really bad that when you riding in the rain, the tiny droplets of rain start to cover your helmet visor, Weepro photochromic visor insert is hydrophobic coated and avoid all raindrop from your helmet visor.
  • Easy to install Weepro photochromic visor insert takes only 30 seconds to apply on your helmet and we guarantee it will keep you safe for years to come.
  • PS: Before you place an order please double check that your helmet´s visor is a cylinder one.

Why You Need WeePro Photochromic Visor Insert

  • Solve your glare problem perfectly
  • Remove Waterdrop when you ride in rainy day
  • 30 seconds to quick and easy to install
  • Change from clear to dark quickly with seconds
  • Larger vision area, standard Size: 95mm*295mm
Test Item Initial Photocluomic
Standard Result Pass/Fail Remark Standard Result Pass/Fail Remark
ω 82.9 11.2
Filter Category 0 3
Q Red Min 0.8 01.03 Pass 1.44 Pass
Q Yellow Min 0.6 01.01 Pass 0.96 Pass
Q Green Min 0.6 0.99 Pass 0.95 Pass
Q Blue Min 0.6 1.00 Pass 1.56 Pass
Solar UVB-trasm.280-315(TSUVB) 0.09 0.11
Solar UVA-trasm.315-380(TSUVA) 0.7 0.29
Solar UV-trasm.280-380(TSUV) 0.48 0.23
Solar Blue-light380-500(Tsb) 80.07 14.92
Driving in twilight or at night Min ω=75% Pass Category 0,1,2,3 Min ω=75% Fail Category 0.123
Driving and road use Min ω=75% Pass Category 0,1,2,4 Min ω=75% Fail Category 0.123
Fading Time(t(1/2)(sec) 22.4
Coloring Concentration(%) (All wavelength) 86.55
Coloring Concentration(%) (The maximum absorption wavelength ) 91.9

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Question/ Answer

How to Install the WeePro photochromic visor insert

I’m so excited right now and I can’t wait to show you how easily the WeePro photochromic insert can be installed in your visor.
Let’s go over the 6 easy steps really quick…

Step 1: wash your hands.

Step 2: clean up the outside of your motorcycle visor with a soft fabric.

Step 3: take out the photochromic visor insert and remove the mask with a red tag.

Step 4: match a comfortable position on your visor. Just slightly put the visor insert on the visor. Its ok, you can adjust the position again if you don’t get it right the first time.

Step 5: when you get the right position. Use your finger with soft fabric to push the glue circle slowly and firmly.

Step 6: remove the mask with blue tag.

That’s it. You got it!

Do you also sell on Amazon?

Yes , if you want to buy one on Amazon , here is the link of WeePro photochromic visor insert

What is the material of your WeePro photochromic visor insert

WeePro photochromic visor insert is made of high optical polycarbonate sheet, and applied with the photochromic coating and hydrophobic coating

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