Polycarbonate Block


  Are you looking for design-friendly and cost-efficient polycarbonate blocks? Here at Weetect, there are wide options of polycarbonate blocks that will help your business produces perfect style for a wide range of products. Along with full-service solutions offered by Weetect, you can select the right polycarbonate blocks for your new and exciting products.

  Weetect Polycarbonate block offers high performances and becomes the most preferred choice in terms of creating goods with extent stability, surely surpass your expectations. Due to the highest impact resistance, these are often used in medical devices, greenhouses, eyewear, or protective gear.

  Normally, our polycarbonate product is dimensionally tough and stable. These can also be manufactured in transparent or with custom colors. Even though these are manufactured in any colors, its performance cannot be affected.

  On the other hand, for applications, these are perfect for both outdoor and indoor applications. These have features like weather-proof which can suffer in extreme weather conditions. What`s more, Weetect polycarbonate blocks are manufactured and designed with high protection against harmful sun rays.

  And as the most popular manufacturer in the polycarbonate fabrication industry, Weetect has now gained many years of quality experience.  With the support of our professional and expert engineers, any looks and styles you desire for polycarbonate blocks will surely be granted.

  We, Weetect is dedicated to producing full service and innovative solutions for our valued customers around the world. In all terms of plastic products which include polycarbonate blocks, Weetect is the great manufacturer and supplier you can rely on. We deliver your polycarbonate block orders quickly as you expected.

  If you ever require a polycarbonate block for your business, Weetect is the best manufacturer choice. We are the world`s leading polycarbonate block manufacturer, and our products are popularly applied to different applications.

  In Weetect, we have great and skilled team that are willing to professionally cater all your requests. Whatever your project requires and whenever you need it, Weetect can completely provide you with high-quality products. No worries because we got you covered!

  Talk to us today to find out more about Weetect Polycarbonate Block!

Weetect Polycarbonate Block Advantages:

  • Higher Impact Strength
  • Machining Capability
  • Electrical Applications
  • Bonding Capability
  • Easier to Clean
  • Fast Blending
  • Better Formability



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Polycarbonate Block Manufacturing Process

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