Polycarbonate Case


WeeTect Polycarbonate Case (WPC) is a kind of enclosure, shell, or cabinet, which consists of many polycarbonate surfaces. This offers the best protection for smartphones, tablets, memory cards, laptops, and other devices. The essential solution to achieve a unique style and great personality of the specific devices.

Evidently, WeeTect Polycarbonate Case (WPC) protects the device from daily wear and tear and helps to absorb shock. Polycarbonate material contains the best features perfect for the purpose of the case. It’s a very durable plastic material, tough, lightweight and that is also utilized in developing shields, glasses, bulletproof windows, door, screen, and so on.

As a reliable polycarbonate case manufacturer in China, WeeTect can custom your polycarbonate case requirements. It comes from various sizes, types, designs, for a wide variety of applications. Send your specifications now, we will handle it to exceed your requirements.

There are so many uses of WeeTect polycarbonate case, applied for different purposes. WeeTect can manufacture polycarbonate waterproof case, transparent polycarbonate case, polycarbonate card case, polycarbonate wheeled cabin luggage case, polycarbonate case clear lid, polycarbonate laptop case, etc.

When you cover your device using WeeTect polycarbonate case, you can ensure that it is protected from all such elements such as breakages, scratches, UV rays, chips, and crack. You can also have and use WeeTect polycarbonate case for many years, maintaining its original condition.

We can use several techniques to in making WeeTect polycarbonate case. Capabilities include thermoforming polycarbonate case, polishing polycarbonate case, polycarbonate cut to size, polycarbonate machining, silkscreen on polycarbonate, assembly, and more.

In China, WeeTect is famous for supplying second-to-none polycarbonate case, available at a very cost-effective rate worldwide. Avail our products with the best quality appreciated by many customers around the world.

WeeTect offers a lot of high-quality products made from polycarbonate. Whether you need a polycarbonate shield, polycarbonate skylights, polycarbonate windows, or polycarbonate machine guards, you can depend on WeeTect.

Your one-stop-shop solution guarantees first-class products and services. Contact us today to know more about our WeeTect polycarbonate case. We will help you skyrocket your business.

Our WeeTect Polycarbonate cases Advantages:

  • Reasonably affordable
  • Lightweight solution
  • Highly customizable
  • Excellent resistance to weather elements
  • Impact-resistance
  • Flexible and resilient, etc.
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Polycarbonate Case Manufacturing Process

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