Polycarbonate Cases


If you`re looking for a hard-wearing case, choose cases made from polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is a perfect material that provides the utmost safety to your products.

WeeTect polycarbonate case reduces instances of wearing and tearing and can help in preserving the appearance of the devices. Plus, it can add a unique style and personality to the devices. It will always look as good as new even for a longer time.

Even with its versatile and great features, WeeTect polycarbonate case still a lightweight item that will never weigh down your pocket or purse.

When you cover your phone or other devices with our WeeTect polycarbonate case, you’re guaranteed that it is protected from all such harmful elements. It is also safe even for cracking, scratching, or even breaking.

We can customize your polycarbonate case to suit your particular needs. You can choose from various designs, sizes, colors, and shapes. Just send your complete requirements, and we will handle the rest.

WeeTect also offers optional coatings or additives to the polycarbonate case according to your requirements. These include anti-fog coating, anti-glare coating, UV coating, and anti-scratch coating. This coating option helps in preventing polycarbonate case from such scratches, harmful UV rays, reflecting unnecessary lights, or from any possibility of attracting and retaining moisture.

As one of the premier manufacturers of polycarbonate case in China, WeeTect devoted itself to manufacturing high-class polycarbonate case products. We continue to provide a great solution to customers worldwide.  

We make sure all our polycarbonate cases conform to the latest international standard quality control and inspection system.

You will never get disappointed with our products and services. Together with our expert engineers and hardworking team, we designed our products better with the use of our advanced technology and modern equipment.

Whether you need a leather polycarbonate case, ultra-slim polycarbonate case, clear polycarbonate case, polycarbonate wheeled cabin luggage case, or polycarbonate waterproof case, WeeTect will always satisfy your needs.

If you are interested in our polycarbonate case, don’t hesitate to inquire us now.

As one of the polycarbonate case manufacturers, WeeTect will offer you:

  • Outstanding polycarbonate case quality
  • Customization of your polycarbonate case
  • Mass-production fabrication product capacity
  • Quick response to support your polycarbonate case projects
  • Cost-effective products
  • Reliable before and after-sales services
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