Polycarbonate Coating


It is true that Polycarbonate is one of the most capable plastic with high impact resistance and optical clarify. It can be produced into extruded polycarbonate sheets and injected helmet visors. However, polycarbonate is not perfect. It’s too soft to resist scratches. Polycarbonate coating becomes a critical element to support polycarbonate products to apply into several high end applications.

WeeTect Polycarbonate Coating (WPC) includes anti-fog coating, anti-scratch coating, abrasion resistant coating, anti-fingerprint coating, anti-bacteria coating, anti-glare coating, anti-graffiti coating and more. It can strongly support both extruded polycarbonate sheet and injected visors to be the perfect candidates of eye and face protection products such as helmet visor, safety face shield, ski and racing goggles lens, safety lenses, UV face shield, sanitary mask, medical face shield and more. It also is applied to glazing where need superior impact resistance such as front and side windows of reach truck and forklift truck cabins in cold storage and more.

Advantages of Polycarbonate Coating

  • Better optical visibility for both PC coatings and sheets
  • Free combination for different polycarbonate coatings
  • High end dipping and flow coatingprocesses
  • Much more cost competitive
  • Complaint with ANSI Z87.1, EN166 and EN170
  • Other custom options are acceptable

Note : WeeTect can customize dimensions based on your requirement for polycarbonate coating.


More Details
Item Property  Test Method  U/M Value
Optical UV Resistant (380nm) EN170 % 99.99%
Diopter ECE 22.05 D <0.125
Haze ASTM D 1003 % 0.37
Fog Free time ECE22.05/ECE324 s >22
Fog Free time Freezing Test s no fogging
Mechanical Hardness 1KG ANSI Z87.1 2010 H 1
High velocity impact ANSI Z87.1 2010 ft/s >300
Cross-Cut tape test ISO 527 NA Pass
Elongation, yield ISO 527 % 7
Elongation, break ISO 527 % 110
Tensile stress, yield ISO 527 Mpa 60
Tensile modulus  MPa ISO 527 Mpa 2300
Flexural strength, yield ISO 178 Mpa 100
Flexural modulus ISO 178 Mpa 2500
Izod notched impact, 20 °C ANSI Z87.1 2010 KJ/m² 65
Physical Gravity ISO 1183 g/cm³ 1.2
Water absorption, 24 hours ANSI Z87.1 2010 % 0.15
Thermal Mold shrinkage ISO 11359 % 0.5-0.7
Thermal expansion ISO 11357 1/ °C 7×10-5
Vicat Softening Temp., Rate B / 120(base sheet) ASTM D5470 °C 150
HDT, 0.45 MPa ISO 11357 °C 138


Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Remark
0.125 930 400,000 Optical Grade
0.15 930 350,000 Optical Grade
0.25 930 300,000 Optical Grade
0.3 930 300,000 Optical Grade
0.5 930 160,000 Optical Grade
0.5 915 1,830 Optical Grade
0.6 915 1,830 Optical Grade
0.7 915 1,830 Optical Grade
0.8 915 1,830 Optical Grade
1 915 1,830 Optical Grade
1.5 1,220 1,830 Optical Grade
2 1,220 1,830 Optical Grade
3 1,220 1,830 Optical Grade
4 1,220 1,830 Optical Grade
6 1,220 1,830 Clear
8 1,220 1,830 Clear
10 1,220 1,830 Clear
12 1,220 1,830 Clear


WeeTect polycarbonate coating is a series of high end coating technologies processing on the surface of optical grade polycarbonate sheets or injected components. All processes are implemented in clean room to ensure the quality of the surface and performance. It includes almost all common or unique polycarbonate coating technologies such as anti-fog polycarbonate coating, anti-scratch polycarbonate coating, anti-fingerprint polycarbonate coating, abrasion resistant polycarbonate coating, anti-graffiti polycarbonate coating, anti-bacteria polycarbonate coating, anti-glare polycarbonate coating and more.

With the superior impact resistance of polycarbonate sheet and different combination of polycarbonate coatings, WeeTect polycarbonate coating can be applied to many different industries of eye and face protection and glazing. It includes as polycarbonate anti-fog safety face shield, polycarbonate anti-fog ski goggles lens, polycarbonate anti-fog racing goggles lens, polycarbonate anti-fog safety glasses, polycarbonate anti-fog lens, polycarbonate anti-fog mirror coating, polycarbonate anti-fog UV face shield, polycarbonate anti-bacteria sanitary mask, polycarbonate scratch resistant safety glasses, polycarbonate scratch proof lenses, polycarbonate anti-fingerprint screen protector, polycarbonate anti-fog anti-scratch front and polycarbonate side windows of reach truck and forklift truck cabins in cold storage, abrasion resistant polycarbonate sheet and more.

WeeTect anti-fog polycarbonate coating

Anti-fog polycarbonate coating is mainly used to enhance the performance of eye and fact protection equipment that are used in the humid and low temperature environments. It is one of the most challenge technologies to solve foggy problems in eye and face protection equipment. WeeTect anti-fog polycarbonate coating is one of the world leading technologies which can be applied to both flat polycarbonate sheet and injected components. It doesn’t only boast the long lasting anti-mist performance, but also superior optical clarity to avoid haze and distortion.

WeeTect anti-fog polycarbonate coating complaint with standard ASTM Z97.1, EN 166, EN 170, and ECE 324. It can be applied to polycarbonate anti-fog lenses, polycarbonate anti-fog mirror coating, polycarbonate anti-fog goggles, polycarbonate anti-fog safety glasses, polycarbonate anti-fog mirror, polycarbonate anti-fog film, polycarbonate anti-fog safety goggles, polycarbonate anti-fog lens, polycarbonate anti-fog helmet, polycarbonate anti-fog visor, polycarbonate anti-fog snorkel mask, polycarbonate anti-fog-window film, polycarbonate anti-fog mask and other polycarbonate anti-fog solutions.

WeeTect anti-scratch polycarbonate coating

Anti-scratch polycarbonate coating also names scratch resistant coating which can be processed both by dipping and flow coating. Polycarbonate is one kind of soft plastics, the hardness of the original surface only less than 2B. With WeeTect anti-scratch polycarbonate coating, the polycarbonate surface hardness can succeed 1H. There are several options for WeeTect anti-scratch polycarbonate coating. It includes general anti-scratch polycarbonate coating, UV resistant anti-scratch polycarbonate coating, heat resistant anti-scratch polycarbonate coating, flexible anti-scratch polycarbonate coati, etc.

WeeTect anti-scratch polycarbonate coating has variance applications in different industries. The typical applications for almost all eye and face protection equipment which will be applied a scratch resistant layer outside and fog resistant layer inside. It includes polycarbonate anti-scratch motorcycle visor, polycarbonate anti-scratch football visor, polycarbonate anti-scratch hockey visor, polycarbonate anti-scratch safety face shield, polycarbonate scratch resistant lenses, polycarbonate scratch resistant safety glasses, polycarbonate scratch proof safety glasses, polycarbonate scratched eyeglass lenses, scratch resistant polycarbonate sheet. Furthermore, WeeTect anti-scratch polycarbonate coating also can be applied to glazing industry such as bullet proof glass, equipment screen protector and more.

WeeTect anti-fingerprint polycarbonate coating

WeeTect anti-fingerprint polycarbonate coating also names anti-graffiti polycarbonate coating. It is a flow coating process by a hydrophobic layer with low coefficient. WeeTect anti-fingerprint polycarbonate coating offers excellent performance on fingerprint resistant, low coefficient and scratch resistant properties as well as optical clarity. Compared with the other anti-fingerprint coating suppliers, WeeTect anti-fingerprint polycarbonate coating has better low coefficient and abrasion resistance.

WeeTect anti-fingerprint polycarbonate coating is typically used for polycarbonate anti-fingerprint screen protector, polycarbonate fingerprint smartphone and some polycarbonate outdoor surface to resist raindrops and snow. It is a convenient polycarbonate coating technology which support end user to keep a clean surface and easier to clean.

WeeTect abrasion resistant polycarbonate coating

WeeTect abrasion resistant polycarbonate coating also names anti-abrasion coating which is a dipping or flow coating process on the surface of polycarbonate sheet or injection helmet visors. It is one of the best optical abrasion resistant coating solutions. WeeTect abrasion resistant polycarbonate coating offers excellent performance on anti-abrasion properties as well as optical clarity. The coated abrasion resistant polycarbonate sheet has superior performance on impact resistance, optical clarity, taber abrasion and others.

WeeTect abrasion resistant polycarbonate sheet can be used for polycarbonate abrasion resistant safety glasses, polycarbonate anti-fog anti abrasion safety glasses, polycarbonate equipment screen protector, polycarbonate bulletproof glass and more. At the same time, WeeTect abrasion resistant polycarbonate coating also offers custom solution for any applications require polycarbonate abrasion resistant properties or consolidate with other polycarbonate coating technologies.

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