Polycarbonate Diffuser Sheet


WeeTect Polycarbonate Diffuser Sheets (WPDS) is the right polycarbonate diffuser sheets for your next project.

WeeTect Polycarbonate Diffuser Sheets (WPDS) also known as “LED light diffuser” or “polycarbonate diffuser” is an efficient and excellent light diffuser material. These sheets are the best plastic light diffuser extensively used as the cover of the kitchen light, DIY light, office lamp, LED Light, and fluorescent light.

Using our WeeTect polycarbonate diffuser sheets, you can get soft and comfortable light rays. It scatters light spots equably on the surface. By using premium quality polycarbonate and light-diffusing additives, polycarbonate diffuser sheets offer outstanding optical features.

Compared to other materials, polycarbonate sheet is tougher and more durable. It has superior flammability characteristics and can sustain at a higher temperature.

WeeTect Polycarbonate Diffuser Sheets (WPDS) have excellent diffusion of LED hot spots, and good light transmission. You will never disappoint using this because it offers impact resistance along with good heat resistance.

Our available polycarbonate diffuser sheets are accessible in different colors, sizes, shapes, and designs. Some of the colors include Grey polycarbonate diffuser sheet, black polycarbonate diffuser sheets, opal, and colored polycarbonate diffuser sheets, white polycarbonate diffuser sheet, and many more.

Depending on your applications, we are willing to custom your polycarbonate diffuser sheets needs with excellent characteristics. WeeTect can provide polycarbonate diffuser sheets with customized sizes, customized colors, and customized shapes. Send us your specific design and drawings and we`ll create a satisfying sheet for your projects.

As a leading polycarbonate sheet manufacturing expert, WeeTect offers great-quality products and reliable services that can meet your demands.

With access to the latest materials and technology, WeeTect can support you with all of your polycarbonate diffuser sheet challenges. Our technical assistance and cooperative service will help keep your project perfectly on time, and on budget.

To learn more about our WeeTect Polycarbonate Diffuser Sheet (WPDS), please contact us today.

WeeTect Polycarbonate Diffuser Sheet (WPDS) offers a number of advantages for lighting applications:

  • Can be cold-formed into various shapes
  • Available in UV stabilized grades
  • Used in indoor and outdoor applications
  • Increased toughness
  • Outstanding flammability properties
  • The ability to operate at elevated temperatures


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Polycarbonate diffuser sheet Manufacturing Process

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