Polycarbonate Fabrication


If you want to get a custom shape, size, and design of your polycarbonate sheet, then you must choose WeeTect to do the fabrication of your polycarbonate sheets requirement.

As a leading polycarbonate supplier and manufacturer, WeeTect can assist to get you custom shape, design, and cut to size panels for your application. We have a large CE certified facility and complete manufacturing capabilities with skilled design and development teams that can satisfy all the needs of our clients.

WeeTect Polycarbonate Fabrication (WPF) is a complex process involving multiple methods. In WeeTect, we have different stages available in fabricating different parts of polycarbonate, but the most commonly used method is polycarbonate machining.

Polycarbonate machining helps to fabricate different parts to be utilized in various industries including car lighting systems, visors, google lenses, electric circuits, windshield, IP camera lens cover, machine panel, plastic parts, and so on.

When using polycarbonate material in both indoor or outdoor applications, you`ll see how beautiful and versatile it is! This can withstand critical circumstances and provide good resistance to moisture, water, and snow.

Thus, it makes a good option for sunlight protection as the polycarbonate component can resist heat and shield you from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Moreover, WeeTect Polycarbonate Fabrication (WPF) provides high improved load bearings to any intentions. Compared to glass, polycarbonate offers excellent clarity and transparency, and highly-proofed from intrusions and breakages.

WeeTect manufacturers formed various sorts of products made from polycarbonates fabrications. These are produced through a laser cutting process, polycarbonate thermoforming, bonding process, polycarbonate CNC milling, polycarbonate laminating, screen printing polycarbonate, and more.

WeeTect can do polycarbonate coatings such as anti-fog, hydrophobic, iridium, anti-reflective, abrasion-resistant, and other treatments on your polycarbonate components. Obtained creative and amazing polycarbonate products, from these mentioned processes.

In China, WeeTect team is one of the best manufacturers that provide high-quality polycarbonate fabrications. You can trust WeeTect in this manufacturing process. With us, you can get assistance for the development of concept work, custom design, and sketching of any product of your preference.

Using our advanced fabrication lines and technologies, we can guarantee 100% strong and useful polycarbonate.

WeeTect is ISO9001 certified that’s why we are good enough to handle your polycarbonate fabrication needs. For more than 20 years in the manufacturing industry, we gained a good reputation among clients worldwide.

So, what are you waiting for? For your polycarbonate fabrication necessities, always count on WeeTect. We are the most reliable and outstanding out of all.

WeeTect Polycarbonate Fabrication (WPF) will offer you a wide range of polycarbonate machining and fabrication techniques such as:

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Polycarbonate Fabrication Manufacturing Process

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