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If you are in need of polycarbonate film, choose polycarbonate film manufactured by WeeTect. WeeTect is a professional producer of polycarbonate film. In China, WeeTect carries a variety of high-quality film products in varying textures, grades, and transparencies. We develop customize polycarbonate film to exceed the particular requirements of our valued polycarbonate film clients. A perfect solution without compromising quality and stability.

WeeTect Polycarbonate Film (WPF) also known as specialty films is a kind of roll film with a standard thickness between 0.005 inches to 0.030 inches. It is a safe, transparent, general purpose film that belongs to the thermoplastic polymer family, which can be easy to die cut or laser cut.

Furthermore, WeeTect Polycarbonate Film (WPF) can be easily thermoformed, or cold-formed. You can use WeeTect polycarbonate film in a wide range of applications including optical displays, lenses, signage, labels, medical applications, menu boards, back-lit signs, panels, protective goggles, visors, and so on.

You can avail all types of WeeTect Polycarbonate Film at a very economical price. This includes flame retardant polycarbonate film, colored polycarbonate films, clear polycarbonate film, security polycarbonate film, optical-grade polycarbonate film, anti-fog polycarbonate films, and much more.

What`s the advantage in our polycarbonate film is that it has an ability to resist high impact forces and performs well in a variety of environments specifically in higher temperatures. It also has a superior resistance,  scratch resistance features that you surely can’t resist choosing from.

When it comes to problems with UV rays, worries no more! Our WeeTect polycarbonate film is perfect for UV protection that’s why it’s suitable for use in windows or roofing.

WeeTect polycarbonate film offers electrically resistant, high optical clarity, and has excellent ink adhesion characteristics. This is a suitable printing medium since it can be dried immediately at elevated temperatures. Its lightweight design and tamper-proof qualities also make WeeTect polycarbonate film a good alternative for identification cards.

Whether you’re a supplier, retailer, or distributor, WeeTect can help you with polycarbonate film sourcing. We guarantee exceptional products and dependable services to boost your brand. Why not settle with WeeTect?

Our goal is to meet the expectation of our customers. We will never disappoint you in selecting the best polycarbonate film that suits your application! Our dedicated film specialists will assist you no matter what to skyrocket your business.

Contact us today if you`re interested in our polycarbonate film. We are happy to hear from you!

Weetect Polycarbonate Film Performance Characteristics:

  • Good electrical insulation properties
  • Exceptional clarity
  • Can be easily thermoformed, or cold-formed.
  • Excellent ink adhesion, easy to die-cut,
    emboss, and form
  • Outstanding toughness with abrasion resistance
  • High tensile strength over a wide
    temperature range
  • High UV protection
  • Good chemical and weather-resistant
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Polycarbonate Film Manufacturing Process

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