Polycarbonate Greenhouse Panels


Weetect polycarbonate greenhouse panels provide the best solution for every greenhouse builder projects. Because of its rigidity and transparency like that of the glass, polycarbonate greenhouse panels became a great choice for coverings. If you are considering to choose polycarbonate greenhouse panels for your project, Weetect can offer you an affordable yet economical and worthwhile solution.

Weetect polycarbonate greenhouse panels are no. 1 in the market because of its high fade-resistance. It is a strong and lightweight material that diffuses enough light that will provide the growing plants with optimal environment.

Utilizing our advanced technology, Weetect fabricate polycarbonate greenhouse panels with superior insulation and heat-retention properties. Aside from that, our polycarbonate greenhouse panels are easy to use. It does not require any heavy frame and you can install it without breaking. Weetect polycarbonate greenhouse panels are easy to maintain and offered at a budget-friendly price.

Additionally, Weetect can provide UV treatment for your polycarbonate greenhouse panels. This treatment will prevent yellowing and fading. Thus, Weetect can guarantee you a long-lasting polycarbonate greenhouse panels.

Weetect is an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of polycarbonate greenhouse panels. Through our modern technology, we can produce superior quality polycarbonate panels for your needs.

 Our polycarbonate greenhouse panels are also available in various sizes and thickness. We can also cut-to-size your panels to your specific dimensions. You can send us your drawings and detailed specification. Our highly experienced and skillful team assures you a satisfying product.

If you want to know more about our polycarbonate greenhouse panels, just send us your inquiries!

As the leader in polycarbonate greenhouse panel manufacturing industry, Weetect offers:

  • Excellent quality products. Our polycarbonate greenhouse panels are manufactured while complying various quality standards. It also undergone strict quality testing to ensure durability.
  • Weetect produces a wide selection of polycarbonate greenhouse panels according to your own specifications.
  • The best customer service. At Weetect, we have approachable and professional customer service team to provide you excellent assistance and pre/after purchasing services.
  • Skilled professionals. Our skilled team uses advanced technology, techniques, and processes to manufacture polycarbonate greenhouse panels. Thus, you can assure a high-quality product.
  • Quick Response. We offer 24/7 immediate response to your inquiries.
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