Polycarbonate Greenhouse Panels


WeeTect polycarbonate greenhouse panels (WPGP) are a great help for greenhouse builders and growers for their projects. You can improve the security of your environment when using this kind of panels.

Polycarbonate sheet is a lightweight material and an excellent thermoplastic with carbonate groups in its chemical structure. It’s strong and durable which can withstand high impact and extreme temperatures. Polycarbonate qualifies and ideal for the production of greenhouse panels.

No need to worry about your polycarbonate greenhouse panels. WeeTect is an experienced manufacturer willing to support your business. We guarantee that our polycarbonate greenhouse panels are completely tested with many accreditations, that can be useful in the long run.

WeeTect design polycarbonate greenhouse panels come with distinctive advantages and excellent features. It has an integrated drip, UV-resistant layer, and condensation controls. Plus, it`s also manufactured with high resistance to impact. Ideal for you to utilize for rooftops that can suffer impact due to snow, stones, hails, etc.

WeeTect polycarbonate greenhouse panels (WPGP) can protect flowers, plants, crops, from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays and unfavored weather. You can expect a fruitful harvest when you use this product.

It is accessible in a range of thicknesses, sizes, and colors. You can discover the best panels in WeeTect according to your project requirements.

Using the best quality materials and advanced manufacturing technology, all our polycarbonate greenhouse panels are 100% trustworthy. The whole facility is being protected and controlled the way it was when u consider to install our WeeTect polycarbonate greenhouse panels.

WeeTect is a premier manufacturers of polycarbonate greenhouse panels in China. Our products are trusted by many greenhouse builders and the world’s largest growers.

You can ensure that WeeTect Polycarbonate Greenhouse Panels (WPGP) replacement panels produced with many features and specifications that stand out from the rest.

In a word, installing greenhouse panels or upgrading your coverings, WeeTect Polycarbonate Greenhouse Panels (WPGP) is your excellent choice.

With more than 20 years of expertise in manufacturing, WeeTect has the rich experience, knowledge, and capabilities you are searching for. We aim to achieve customer satisfaction in every process we make.

You can avail of our polycarbonate greenhouse panels at a very reasonable price. But we never compromise the quality of our products. We deliver the best solutions with great service.

WeeTect Polycarbonate Greenhouse Panels (WPGP) come in different variants and each has its own benefits and advantages. Whether you need solid and textured polycarbonate sheets, corrugated polycarbonate sheets, or multiwall polycarbonate sheets, WeeTect is capable of handling your polycarbonate greenhouse panels manufacturing.

To experience satisfying products and services, settle on WeeTect now! We have a dedicated and professional team always ready to help boom your business.

Advantages of our WeeTect Polycarbonate Greenhouse Panels (WPGP):

  • Impact-resistant and strong
  • Fire resistant
  • High light transmission
  • High insulation level
  • The best alternative to glass
  • 250 times stronger than other material
  • Flexible and has good chemical and thermal resistance
  • Easy to clean, maintain and install
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