Polycarbonate Lenses


If you are looking for a reliable quality polycarbonate lenses, you are in the right page! At Weetect, we produce a wide selection of polycarbonate lenses. With our huge experience of manufacturing polycarbonate lenses, Weetect can help you find the right polycarbonate lenses that can provide you a cost-effective solution.

Our polycarbonate lenses are known because of its high impact resistance. It is much stronger than glass or plastics and will not shatter. Thus, Weetect polycarbonate lenses are ideally suitable for safety lenses, children’s eyewear, and sports goggles.

Weetect polycarbonate lenses are also flexible and lightweight making any eyewear comfortable to wear even in a long time period of using. Also, due to the flexibility of polycarbonate, our polycarbonate lenses are easy to install and remove in most types of eyewear.

In China, Weetect is a famous manufacturer of polycarbonate lenses that has UV protection. Weetect polycarbonate lenses has a blocker that protects your eyes from harmful UV rays.  Its extreme UV protection combined with high durability, our polycarbonate lenses are suitable for those who are active outdoor.

Our innovative polycarbonate lenses can be installed without breaking, scratching, or cracking. It also allows a wide range of treatments like polarized and photochromic. This makes our polycarbonate lenses the highest performing and the best material in the industry.

Weetect is one of the fast growing manufacturer and supplier of polycarbonate lenses in China. We have advanced techniques and process to manufacture your polycarbonate lenses. Our advanced fabrication processes includes anti-fog anti-scratch PC sheet coating, cut-to-size, machining, polishing, screen printing, and thermoforming.

From fabrication processes, to assembly, inspection, and delivery, you can assure that you chose the best polycarbonate lenses! Indeed, Weetect is your reliable manufacturer and supplier of polycarbonate lenses!

Contact us for your inquiry about Weetect polycarbonate lenses. We provide 24/7 immediate response to your inquiries!

Advantages of Weetect Polycarbonate Lenses:

  • Extreme durability
  • High impact-resistance and shatter-proof
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Minimize distortion
  • Advanced UV protection
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Polycarbonate Lenses

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