Polycarbonate Luggage


WeeTect Polycarbonate Luggage (WPL) is a kind of carrier bag made from high-quality polycarbonate material. WeeTect designed it in a unique shape and durable appearance to enclosed various stuff and belongings safe and secured for travel.

As a leading manufacturer of polycarbonate sheets in China, WeeTect has the full capabilities to produce various kind of hard side luggage. All polycarbonate luggage is available in different finishes, styles, colors, designs, and sizes.

For your specific requirements, we can custom-build polycarbonate luggage to meet your speculations and demands.

When using WeeTect Polycarbonate Luggage (WPL) you will experience total satisfaction. WeeTect polycarbonate luggage is versatile and resilient because it is made from high degree hardness materials and a high impact resistance component. In case it drops, it will not break into pieces.

For instance, it is flame-resistant, shatterproof, and tolerant to extreme temperatures, physical and environmental elements, among others.

WeeTect Polycarbonate Luggage (WPL) provides a high level of convenience when moving and carrying around with various kinds of personal effects. This is lightweight, that’s why customers will feel comfortable using WeeTect Polycarbonate Luggage (WPL).

Obtained 100% polycarbonate luggage here in WeeTect. It is easy to clean and maintain and can use for many years. It conforms to various quality standards such as ASTM, ISO, UL, etc. We guarantee the safety and consistency in the production of our Polycarbonate Luggage.

So, when choosing the most excellent polycarbonate luggage, always count on WeeTect. Even for your bulk orders, we can produce a wide range of polycarbonate luggage. For you to check the quality, we will provide a free sample for your polycarbonate luggage.

In China, WeeTect is one of the famous manufacturers of polycarbonate luggage. We have passed many international certifications such as UL, SGS, ISO 9001, CE, and much more. We will never disappoint your trust!

Whether you choose anti-theft polycarbonate luggage, eco-friendly polycarbonate luggage set, expandable polycarbonate luggage, or hard side large checked polycarbonate luggage, WeeTect will always satisfy your needs.

For more details about our polycarbonate luggage, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Why Choose WeeTect for your next Polycarbonate Luggage project:

  • We guarantee the safety and consistency in the production of our Polycarbonate Luggage.
  • All our products are cost-effective, but not compromise the quality and durability.
  • WeeTect follows strict quality control and inspection system to ensure satisfying Polycarbonate Luggage.
  • Customization of your Polycarbonate Luggage is available in various types, thicknesses, shapes, designs, etc.
  • WeeTect team is willing to support your Polycarbonate Luggage needs 24/7. Contact us now!
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