Polycarbonate Machine Guards


Looking for the most high-standard polycarbonate machine guards? Worries no more! WeeTect is a professional polycarbonate machine guards manufacturer in China with profound experience in the field. You can obtain the safe, dependable, and stable quality of our WeeTect polycarbonate machine guards. It is also affordable. Save efforts and money here in WeeTect!

Polycarbonate as a raw component is the common material used for manufacturing machine guards. This material offers close tolerance machinability, toughness, and transparency, which makes it perfect for machine guard applications and requirements.

WeeTect polycarbonate machine guards also name machine guarding or equipment guarding. Machine guards can protect the operator and other employees on or around the manufacturing or other machines in the working area from hazards created during the normal operation of the machine. It can prevent contact with body parts. WeeTect polycarbonate machine guards can control hazards from sparks, chips, or rotating parts to hurt operators.

WeeTect is one of the great polycarbonate machine guards manufacturers and machine guarding suppliers all over the world. The substrates of machine guards normally are steel tubes, steel mesh, steel panel, aluminum profile, polycarbonate sheet, acrylic sheet, and other plastic accessories.

In China, WeeTect is a polycarbonate machine guards manufacturer with complete fabrication capabilities which includes laser cutting for metal parts, welding, polishing, sandblasting, rivets embedding, pretreatment, painting, anti-fog anti-scratch PC sheet coating, polycarbonate cut to size, polycarbonate machining, polishing polycarbonate, silkscreen on polycarbonate, thermoforming polycarbonate, assembly and more.

Contact WeeTect now to know more about WeeTect Polycarbonate Machine Guards. We have a skilled and excellent service team willing to assist every process of your business 24/7. 

As one of the polycarbonate machine guards manufacturers, WeeTect will offer you:

  • Outstanding quality. We will make sure to comply with your machine guards drawing and specifications by reliable process control and inspection system.
  • WeeTect machine guards (WTMG) will choose compatible raw material and processes. Our pretreatment and painting can be resistant to abrasion, salt spray, humidity, extreme temperatures, industrial solvents, chemicals, and more.
  • Customization. We can produce different kinds of machine guards, machine shields, enclosure windows, machine safeguards, or safety fencing machine guarding, according to your drawing and specifications.
  • Competitive price. China has a cost advantage on the raw material of steel, aluminum, polycarbonate sheet, and acrylic sheet. WeeTect machine guards could leverage the benefit from our other mass-production fabrication product capacity. WeeTect will offer you a very competitive price product.
  • Quick response. WeeTect machine guards (WTMG) have strong engineering and service team to support your projects. We could assign a team to support your project if necessary.


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