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WeeTect Polycarbonate Screen (WPS) is a strengthened thermoplastic sheet manufactured from high-quality polycarbonate material. Polycarbonate component is one of the most popular thermoplastics nowadays used in making polycarbonate screen.

When screens are manufactured using polycarbonate material, expect that these could be strong, durable, exhibit high clarity and highly graded.

As a leading polycarbonate manufacturer in China, WeeTect is trusted by thousands of customers around the world in fabricating screen using polycarbonate. All products are cost-effective with many advantages that can meet your expectations.

To obtain optimum visibility, efficiency and functionality, WeeTect Polycarbonate Screen (WPS) is made sturdy and dependable by our team of experts. Manufactured with resistant to impact, excellent extreme weather tolerance, better resistance to corrosion, etc.

It comes in a variety of designs, thicknesses, sizes, as well as color shades. Weetect can manufacture all types of polycarbonate screen such as polycarbonate screen pool enclosure, polycarbonate desk panel screen, hollow polycarbonate screen, polycarbonate workstation screen and so on. The choices for this product are quite flexible according to the users’ preference and specifications.

Furthermore, Polycarbonate Screen from WeeTect are designed for an extensive range of applications. This is used as office partitions in modern offices today, because of its lightweight, clear and stylish features. Many engineers also utilized WeeTect Polycarbonate Screen (WPS) as swimming pool enclosures, greenhouse structures, doors and windows, workstation panel, etc.

You can also use WeeTect Polycarbonate Screen (WPS) in your backyard to build a small garden perfect for relaxing when you’re at home. It will help you experience relatively serene environment condition in your garden.

When it comes your polycarbonate screen needs, WeeTect is the right choice!  We possess CE certificated laboratory that integrates refractive power testing, Abrasion Resistant Testing, anti-fog testing, and impact resistant testing to ensure the best product before shipment. We are specialized in overall manufacturing systems. We can cut your polycarbonate screen into different sizes, and mold it to make wonderfully-designs polycarbonate screen.

Together with our skilled and professional technicians, we offer polycarbonate screen customization and personalization based on your request.

For more than 20 years in delivering the finest products and services, WeeTect earned good reputation in the market and now continuously devoted itself in manufacturing second-to-none polycarbonate and acrylic products.

For more information about our Weetect polycarbonate screen, don’t hesitate to contact us now. We are interested to be your reliable business partner!

As a Reliable Polycarbonate Screen Manufacturer in China, WeeTect will offer you:

  • Customization of WeeTect Polycarbonate Screen (WPS) products
  • Cost-effective polycarbonate screens that can save you money
  • Offer you excellent guidance and prior assistance to cater your needs
  • Weetect will choose compatible and perfect raw material and processes for your products
  • We will make sure to comply with your Polycarbonate Screen drawing with reliable process control and quality inspection system.
  • Quick response from our experienced staff and dedicated technicians


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