Polycarbonate Shield


  Are you looking for the most durable polycarbonate shields from a trusted supplier and manufacturer? WeeTect is the best choice. Weetect is the most popular manufacturer of polycarbonate shield based in China. Here, you can select a different series of polycarbonate shields that are original and unique.

  Weetect Polycarbonate shields are often used by allied forces, police, and other security services for protection and safety purposes. Doctors, welders, or even in the fabrication industry can use polycarbonate shields for double protection and safety. These block hard objects and harmful UV rays from reaching the user. Therefore, while using a polycarbonate shield, your safety will be guaranteed always.

Your one-stop-shop for a wide range of polycarbonate shields. We offer Abrasion-Resistant Polycarbonate Shield, Clear Polycarbonate Shield, Mirrored Polycarbonate Shield, Anti Static Polycarbonate Shield, Coloured/Tinted Polycarbonate Shield, Bulletproof Polycarbonate Shield, etc. 

  Together with professional and expert engineers, we are now able to customize and design your ideal polycarbonate shields. Our team verifies and tested the quality of polycarbonate material before the processing, design your ideal polycarbonate shield, machining, assembling, and even packaging. Machining the polycarbonate shield may include drilling holes or cutting to size to achieve the design you desire. 

  Before the manufacturing process, we strictly used polycarbonate material that conforms to certain requirements and industry standards. Some of the most common quality standards are EN170, NIJ 0104.02, ANSI Z87.1, and EN166.

  Furthermore, Weetect polycarbonate shields normally come in a variety of colors. You can have them in color green, pink, yellow, etc. You can freely select colors that will suit your applications. 

  Our Polycarbonate shields are also UV resistant. Available in photochromic and tinted finish options. However, the standard polycarbonate shield is not ideal in areas where it might directly expose to sunlight. This will lose and degrade their inherent properties when exposed. To avoid this problem, choose Weetect polycarbonate shields with high UV resistance

  Weetect always offers excellent services for you. We show sincerity in every action we take in order to surpass your expectations. 

  We have wide knowledge, years of experience in this industry as well, so you can truly rely on us. At Weetect, your satisfaction is our main goal to achieve. We have full capabilities to design a polycarbonate shield you exactly need.

Why WeeTect use Polycarbonate to Make Shield?

  • Ability to add other coatings to improve performance 
  • Resistance to impact
  • High strength
  • Durability
  • Lightweight
  • Dimension stability
  • Resistant to UV


More Details

Polycarbonate Shield Manufacturing Process

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