Polycarbonate Siding


Looking to purchase polycarbonate siding for your next project? WeeTect is your best manufacturer in China with profound experience in manufacturing siding solutions using polycarbonate.  

As a premier polycarbonate siding supplier and manufacturer, we will help you choose and find the topmost quality and reliable polycarbonate sliding.

WeeTect Polycarbonate Siding also called twin-wall and multiwall polycarbonate sheets is an extremely durable material with a wide range of potential uses of structures as covers or parts or wall supplementary. It has a thickness range usually between 3mm and 12mm.

You can install WeeTect Polycarbonate Siding on different surfaces, both in residential and commercial structures such as in interior rooms, hallways, shower cubicles, office dividers, swimming pools, shopping malls, and so on. Besides, this material is also ideal use for window replacements, windbreaks, light covers, carports, and more.

WeeTect Polycarbonate Siding comes in 2 major varieties namely twin-wall and multiwall. Whether you choose twin-wall polycarbonate siding or multiwall polycarbonate siding for your next project, you’ll enjoy a range of physical properties that make polycarbonate a magnificent translucent building component.  

WeeTect Polycarbonate Siding is growing in popularity among both professional and amateur builders due to its various exceptional properties. It provides great strength for their value and looks. Plus, it offers great variable light transmission, impact and corrosion resistance, weather & temperature resistance.

Your customer will be delighted because our polycarbonate siding is lightweight. This can be easy to arranged and moved where you desire to placed. It allows for easy transportation, handling, and installation.

As a result, Weetect polycarbonate siding can provide a dependable framework without putting stress on other parts of the establishment.

WeeTect advanced technology and excellent extrusion capabilities allow us the perfect matching of the polycarbonate sheet to the specific requirements of the siding you require. We can add on Polycarbonate Siding Coating Treatment for your polycarbonate siding including anti-fog treatment, UV treatment, and anti-reflective coating.

We guarantee that our WeeTect Polycarbonate Siding will provide functional and aesthetic features ideal for your various applications.

Before WeeTect Polycarbonate Siding releases to the market, Weetect ensures that all products are taken through thorough tests and quality inspection. You don’t need to worry. We are supported by highly-trained staff and engineers, with great experience in the field.

Furthermore, WeeTect`s unique chemical and mechanical solutions exceed requirements related to thermal heat blocking, chemical resistance, insulation, light transmission and diffusion, impact resistance, and more.  

Learn more about our WeeTect polycarbonate siding now. Send your requirements and expect high-quality products and reliable services from us.

Why choose Weetect Polycarbonate Siding?

  • Sustainable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Stylish
  • UV resistance
  • Energy-efficient
  • Saving space
  • Extremely Durable
  • Dimensional stability
  • Cost-effective to install
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Manufacturing Process

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