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  Weetect can be your professional polycarbonate tube provider for your business. We designed these unique polycarbonate tubes for medical tubing applications that require excessive light dissemination and higher collision-resistant. Most of our polycarbonate tube is sustainable for electrical applications as well.

  Weetect polycarbonate tube has flame resistant and excellent heat resistant properties. We make sure to manufactured polycarbonate tubes from very authentic and flexible materials. Therefore, these can be drilled, divide, rips, carved, and easily link with adhesive and solvents. And since our polycarbonate tube is made from authentic material, it surely provides the finest insulation.

  Our one of a kind polycarbonate tube is perfect for several industrial applications, including the automotive industry, architectural industry, and so on.

  However, these polycarbonate tubes possess excellent features. Its transparency level is great just like the glass, also obtaining custom colors. Coupled with fantastic strength, 250 times sturdy unlike the glass, and able to hold approximately -30˚ Fahrenheit.

  These polycarbonate tubes are light in weight, much easier to move and transfer, scratch-resistant and water-resistant as well. It can`t easily break, clear like glass, and can endure even at a high temperature.

  As the world`s leading polycarbonate manufacturer in China, Weetect provides different types of polycarbonate products that perfectly suited for your business. We have great capabilities in manufacturing all kinds of polycarbonate tubes which is ideal for various industrial applications.

  We, Weetect can be your reliable manufacturer. We are in this industry throughout the years. We make sure that you receive the safest and highest quality products.

 Today, we are continuing to develop polycarbonate tubes and other polycarbonate products. Thanks to our expert and skilled engineers, we are now capable to help you.

 So whenever you require our polycarbonate tubes, other products, and our trusted services, we are one call away!

 Contact us directly for a fast and safe transaction.

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