Polycarbonate Windows


  Whether you are searching for anesthetics or durable polycarbonate windows for your construction projects, WeeTect is a reliable supplier. In Weetect, we offer polycarbonate windows that can save your money, time, and efficiency. With many years of experience making high-quality plastics, we are capable enough to help you finalize your projects with full confidence.

  WeeTect Polycarbonate Windows are better compared to glass windows. While it`s common uses are for greenhouses, office countertops, riot shields, and much more. Our wide range of polycarbonate windows allows you to select from sign white, transparent grey, or simply clear designs. Plus we made this abrasion-resistant, impact-resistant, and more durable for your custom applications. We engaged ourselves in providing top-quality polycarbonate windows that surely exceed customers` expectations.

  Our Polycarbonate windows are manufactured while meeting the market standards thus using advanced technology equipment. We, Weetect make polycarbonate windows that surely protects the interior part of home, stadiums, or even buildings from critical weather. For that reason, we provide exterior and interior polycarbonate windows. We ensure these are unbreakable, cold-resistant, UV-proof, and also lightweight for easy installation.

  These are tested in its transparency level, toughness, and low moisture absorption. Weetect team strives to improve our exporting process and supply polycarbonate windows with much excellence. It`s our main goal to distribute and manufacture polycarbonates for customers all over the world. In order to succeed, we operate systematic operations to give you low-cost yet most outstanding quality products. All you need to do is specify your quantity of orders, exact width, and length, and we`ll do the rest.

  We, WeeTect can design, custom cut, check, and install windows to make sure it meets your prospects. Here, we offer a wide range of polycarbonate windows that comes in classic, modern, and customize styles. Just choose your own designs that suit your different applications and purposes.

  For both retail and wholesale markets, WeeTect is a reliable manufacturer of affordable yet high-quality polycarbonate windows. WeeTect engineering team develops world-class polycarbonate windows that make every customer’s dreams come to reality. With the support of profitable and sustainable growth, we pride ourselves on providing our business partners.

  We are hoping to be your reliable distributor and manufacturer for all series of polycarbonate windows.  Contact us for more services information.

Our Weetect Polycarbonate Windows Advantages :

  • Offer extraordinary durability
  • Unbreakable and lightweight
  • Cold-resistant and can stand against UV radiation
  • Excellent transparency
  • Better light diffusion
  • Low absorption of moisture
  • Easy to install
  • Resistant to heat
  • Impact-resistant
  • Better insulation


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Polycarbonate Windows

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